Xoopar BEAM 2S 2500mAh External Power Bank & Hand Warmer – Gold / White Review

One of the main problems, despite the constant upgrades we see every year in the actual technology and accessories featured in smartphones and tablets, is the fact that the batteries still do not last very long.  This is especially true if you use them often throughout the course of a day.  I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has found myself trying to send a text and then the battery goes dead.  While it is true that I am not trying to send an important text every single time the battery power runs out, but it is still nonetheless very annoying.

Enter the Xoopar Beam 2500mAh External Power Bank & Hand Warmer in Gold/White.  I had heard about accessories like the Xoopar Beam from a friend who had suggested I would not suffer from the problem related above if I invested in a portable battery charger.  It was the first I had ever heard of such a thing, but as soon as I was able to I did a brief bit of research and came across the Xoopar model that I will be reviewing in this post.

Is the Xoopar External Power Bank And Hand Warmer Any Good?

The main reason I chose the Xoopar power bank over the plethora of others available on the market at the moment was because of its multi-functionality.  Not only is it a portable and extremely useful  power bank with a USB output to make it as compatible with the widest range of devices possible; but it also doubles up as a rather nifty little hand warmer.  Perfect for those cold days and nights, particularly as we get into the darkest and chilliest part of the winter months.

Something that has more than one function is always welcome in my bag.  As hard as I try to limit what I carry in there, extras find their way inside.  So, this is a great find for me.  Taking on board that this handy little thing is a two-in-one accessory, I will review both parts separately.


Power Bank

As a Power Bank, the Xoopar BEAM is perfect for a number of reasons.  As well as being very compact and light, it features a USB output connector which means that it doesn’t matter what device you have and if it has a brand-specific output connector, as long as you can connect a USB cable to it, you can use this charger.  2500 mAh is not a great deal of power, but as this would just serve as an emergency back-up, it is more than enough.  It is especially useful if you run apps that drain power quickly such as satnav and GPS, games and other similar software.

I only use Samsung devices at the moment, so I had no problem connecting this up when I really needed power.  However, I do have a couple of friends who have used this particular charger too and they have a wide array of brands in their bags and the Xoopar BEAM never fails to work for them.

Hand Warmer

I am not a big fan of the cold weather, but really find gloves a bit of an annoyance, so the fact this charger doubles as a hand warmer seemed like a pretty good aside to the main reason I was buying it.  You can easily transform it into a hand warmer at the touch of a button.  Although it does not emit a huge amount of warmth, what do you expect from such a small device?  Since buying it, I find myself taking it out of the bag whenever I am commuting to and from work or have been out somewhere and not driving.

I have yet to use it for the full advertised 5 hours, but it worked perfectly for over an hour last Friday when I was waiting for my taxi to pick me up from the pub I met some work colleagues at.

To summarise, if you are on the hunt for a portable charger so that you don’t get caught short for battery power; this is a great product that is worthy of consideration.  Even if you do not need or want a hand warmer particularly, I can guarantee that once you have used it once, you will use it again and again!