Winter Camping: Cosy Ways to Keep Warm

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Going camping in the colder months might sound a bit adventurous, but if you’re suitably prepped, it’s actually a really enjoyable experience. Nobody wants a grouchy camper though, so here are a few key must-have items to take, in order to keep warm, have a good time and make the most of your winter camping trip.


It may seem like an obvious statement to make, but you’d be amazed by how many people don’t pack nearly enough layers. By layers, we’re not just talking about jackets and trousers, but socks, gloves, hats and neckwarmers too. Try to keep all of your skin covered where you can, especially at nighttime when the temperature plummets – a crucial part of protecting your extremities.


A very nifty and handy invention in our opinion. You can get your hands on (quite literally) these clever, reusable bits of kit for a very reasonable price and they are a lifesaver when you need an extra heat injection.

Eat hot food late and stay full

Three key things to remember when you’re eating on a winter camping trip – carbs, heat and nighttime. Late at night is when the outside temperature is at it’s lowest and it’s then that you need to safeguard yourself from the cold the most. This can’t be achieved by layering up alone; heat comes from within, so to make sure that your insides are as warm as they possibly can be before getting your head down for the night, fill up on something carby, filling and hot, like MOMA Foods porridge.

Do your best to stay dry

Generally if you’re camping in winter in the UK, there’s always going to be a strong chance that you’ll encounter some rain, or even snow depending on where you go. Don’t instantly panic if you come into some inclement weather, but make a real concerted effort to dry everything out as quickly as possible. If you’re wearing wet clothes, the chance of regaining a comfortable body temperature are near impossible.

Keep your face OUT of your sleeping bag.

This is something you may struggle with at first, because it seems natural to simply burrow down into the warmth of your sleeping bag to increase your heat. But when you are breathing inside the sleeping bag the moisture from your breath will, over a short period of time, start condensing and ultimately bring down the overall temperature inside the sleeping bag.

Go to the loo!

Make sure to empty your bladder just before you get snuggled up for the night. There is nothing more annoying than needing a wee as soon as you’ve got settled. Whether you think you need to go or not, always try. Once you’ve opened up the tent in the cold early hours of the morning you’ll find it really tough to regain the heat you’d worked hard to get when you went to bed!

These are just some of the many tips you could do with following when camping in winter, but we think these are the most important. Remember, your key aims are to stay safe and to enjoy yourself, so before you leave for your trip, ensure that someone at home knows all about your plans and where you’re going. Try to touch base every day and enjoy your trip!