Why Puerto Vallarta is the Perfect Family Holiday Resort


There are many stunning holiday resorts across the world, so where do you choose to take your family? You need somewhere that offers plenty of attractions to keep all the family happy, and you presumably want a fine beach on which to relax! For the adults in the family, you may want a place that offers exciting and interesting nightlife, and culture lovers will also look for a place that has an interesting and vibrant atmosphere, and history too.

Plenty of places offer some of the above, but not many can provide all: however, Puerto Vallarta – a premier Mexican holiday resort – certainly can, and it has some of the most impressive choices of accommodation available. Indeed, we recommend Puerto Vallarta villas as the best choice for a family, and there are many reasons why that we will come to later on, but first, a bit about why this thriving and friendly city makes the perfect family holiday destination.

First, you will find Puerto Vallarta to be very good value; there was a time when destinations such as this, in exotic and desirable climes, were accessible only by the very wealthy. These days, affordable air and sea travel means that such places can be reached by all, so you deserve to treat your family to a Puerto Vallarta holiday. Also, the combination of affordable, luxurious accommodation in the form of a private villa, close proximity to stunning beaches, and easy access to the facilities in the town make it a great place to relax.

What Puerto Vallarta has to Offer

If it’s a beach-based holiday you are looking for – and the youngsters do love the sea and sand – then a Puerto Vallarta villa is the perfect opportunity. The beaches here are face the beautiful and tranquil Bay of Banderas, a glorious, crystal clear blue stretch of the Pacific Ocean, and offer a wonderful chance to relax under the Mexican sun. Palm trees provide perfect shade when needed, and the sea itself is warm and wonderful to swim in.

It is highly recommended that you try scuba diving as the clear waters and abundant undersea wildlife offer a rare chance to see and experience sights that you would not find elsewhere. Unique underwater rock formations – often rising out of the ocean in spectacular fashion – encourage a range of creatures not found in many places, so you will be certain to see things that you will certainly enjoy.

You may enjoy surfing, and there are many places along the bay that offer perfect conditions, or you could try your hand at sea fishing, and perhaps be lucky enough to bag one of the local red snapper, a delicacy in these parts. Indeed, food is a major part of the culture in Puerto Vallarta, so we recommend you try the local red snapper in delicious local sauce at one of the fine restaurants throughout the city.

Culture and History

Puerto Vallarta was largely developed in the colonial years of the 19th century, and it shows in both the architecture and the general culture of the city. It is a friendly place with welcoming shops and cafes throughout – the central Plaza de Armas is a wonderful place to relax, for example – and at night, the city really comes alive.

Thriving clubs and bars fill with locals and visitors – sample the local tequila, of course – and music plays throughout, or you could retire to a restaurant and enjoy delicious local food, cooked to perfection by local chefs. The local area is ripe for exploration, too, with wonderful rivers, stunning waterfalls, forests and more to check out, and you can find guided tours from many spots in Puerto Vallarta. It is a city worth indulging in, so take your time to get to know this amazing and welcoming place.

At Your Villa

Back at your villa, where you enjoy complete privacy and the convenience of being able to come and go as and when you please – a real home from home – you can enjoy the facilities within to the full. There is a wide choice of villas, each in spectacular settings and most with both bay and city views, and you can find accommodation for as many as 12 people in some. Many villas come with the offer of two meals cooked for you a day, while others are self-catering; check out the fine local markets for fresh fish, fruit and vegetables so you can cook al fresco on the equipment provided.

If you want a villa with a pool, there is no shortage; some have heated pools, and many offer excellent gardens in which to relax. You will find your villa to be furnished and finished to a high standard, with luxurious fittings and fixtures and full amenities, and you will be able to relax and use the entertainment facilities in the villa at any time. The younger members of the family can relax and enjoy the villa, too, and you can rest assured that their safety is guaranteed with a villa holiday.

Puerto Vallarta is a great holiday resort that brings people back time and time again; a friendly city that is welcoming and easy to reach – the local airport is a short bus ride away – it is the perfect place to enjoy a break in a truly exotic resort at sensible rates, so why not check out Puerto Vallarta villas now for more information, and you will certainly find one that suits your needs and budget.