Why A Pump is Essential for Your Pond

A pond is a wonderful addition to any garden, and makes a beautiful and natural feature that will be the envy of all your friends. In nature, ponds form naturally where there is water from a stream or river, and the movement of the water provided by these natural features is important in keeping the pond aerated – that is suitable for life. One of the pond and outdoor fountain pros include having a relaxing environment. A man-made pond may not be fed by a moving source of water, so you need to consider getting a pond pump if you want fish and other wildlife to live in your pond, and the water to remain clean and clear.

What is a pond pump? It is a simple device that moves the water around the pond by drawing it through the pump mechanism. Usually powered by a mains electricity source, a pump can also be used for powering a fountain or waterfall in the pond, and these can be very impressive and attractive features that add a lot to your pond. Plants also thrive when a pond is fitted with a pump, and you will find that a filter on your pump will help remove any debris that builds up naturally.

Choosing a Pond Pump

There are in fact several different types of pond pump, so choosing the one that is right for you may not be the work of a moment. You need to consider the power of the pump and make sure it is powerful enough to handle your particular pond, as some are more powerful than others. You also need to take a look at the actual type of pump, as these vary considerably.

Perhaps the most popular type of pond pump is the submersible version: these are sealed units that drop into the water and sit underneath. The benefit is that they are quiet, you can’t see them, and they are among the most affordable of all types of pond pump. However, they do require greater levels of maintenance when compared to other types of pump, and if fitted with a filter – which is desired – this will need cleaning or changing regularly.

External Pumps

The usual alternative to the submersible pump is the external pond pump; these feature a more powerful pump that sits close to the pool but not in the water, and they require piping to draw the water out of the pond, through the pump and back into the pond itself. They are usually hidden by garden features – plants or a false wall – and while more efficient, they are also more expensive to buy.

External pumps are highly recommended for bigger ponds, while submersible versions are for the average garden water feature, and you should also consider some of the decorative versions that are also very popular. If you are building a pond, and want to know more about pond pumps, click here for all the information you could possibly need on the best in the business, and reviews of the different types.