Who’s visiting this Christmas?

Explore European Traditions this Christmas

If you’re taking a trip over to the continent this Christmas, then you might be expecting to encounter a few of the traditions that those of us in the UK have adopted. In recent years, we’ve taken on a plethora of European yuletide activities as our own; now, standing in a provincial square with a glass of hot glögg, some stale stollen, and belly full of weird sausage is as British as plum pudding, family resentment, and Cliff Richard.

However, if you’re just expecting pastry and panettone on your festive jaunt to Europe, think again. As this infographic from Stay Sourced shows, there’s much more to a European Christmas us brits like to assume. Looking at 13 traditional gift givers from our side of the globe, the visualisation shows that depending on where you live, there might be more than just coal hiding in Santa’s sack.

Take a look below, and if you are heading abroad, then make sure to be on your best behaviour.