When Can Pocket Knives Come In Handy In Daily Life Apart From Camping Trips

When talking or thinking about pocket knives, camping is what usually comes to mind. It’s true, pocket knives come in very handy and are an essential tool for campers and hikers, but that’s not all that it can be used for. The term itself suggests that it’s something that can be useful at any moment, so it’s meant to be carried around in a pocket.

So here are some of the reasons, apart from camping, that can convince you to purchase a pocket knife in UK and carry it with you at all times.

1. Open Packages Anywhere

Isn’t it frustrating to not find a knife or scissors when your much awaited amazon delivery package has arrived? Or you want to check the quality of the product before you pick it up and you don’t have the tools for it. Yup, this is where a pocket knife will come in very handy for you. No need to look for a pair of scissors and wonder whether the dress you ordered looks as pretty as it did on the website. Just whip out your pocket knife and get ripping.

2. Cut fruits and Veggies

While this is something that you can use a kitchen knife for, pocket knives will come in handy to cut fruits or veggies when you’re out on your camping trip or just found some fresh fruit that you might want to eat. This is one of the many advantages that a pocket knife has.

3. First Aid

Pocket knives can come in handy for first aid when you’re travelling. It can help with cutting bandages, removing splinters which are deeply embedded or treat wounds where you might need to make a cut or two. It can also be used to cut clothes in an emergency to view the wound properly. However, it’s important to note that before you get digging into your skin to treat wounds, you must always sterilize a pocket knife with some alcohol.

4. Cut Meat

This is specially useful on camping and hiking trips. If you want to cut meat that you’ve just finished hunting for, a pocket knife will come in very handy and put food on your table. You don’t have to be stuck with your successful hunt without getting the chance to taste it, you can easily use your pocket knife to cut some meat.

5. Bottle Opener

Nothing can be worse than being at a party or planning one and not having a bottle opener for your pints. Small things like a bottle opener can more often than not, be forgotten about and what do you do if you don’t have one to get the party started? You can use your pocket knife to open any pint. If you’ve got a swiss army knife, you can just use the bottle opener that it comes with and if not, then use a blade or handle waves to pop open the caps of your pints.

6. Fishing

There’s so much that a pocket knife can do when you’ve gone fishing. Right from trimming the fishing line by cutting the tag ends to cutting bait for fishing, gutting the fish after you’ve caught it because it will need some cleaning and lastly, a pocket knife can also be used to fillet a fish.


Pocket knives can be a real asset in daily activities. So you don’t have to restrict carrying a pocket knife to just camping and hiking trips. Use them anywhere for any situation that requires something sharp to work with.