What have you dreamed of doing in the outdoors

Is there something you have always dreamed of doing in the great outdoors but have never had the chance to?  It could be that you want to scale several of the tallest mountains or hills in your local area, or perhaps you have something a little more exotic and daring in mind.  Although real life commitments and a lack of the necessary funds has stopped you in the past from seeing these dream projects take flight off the ground, adidas Outdoors is running a campaign to encourage all wannabe adventurers to think big.

The video that accompanies this campaign is included in this post.  The campaign is called #claimfreedom and adidas Outdoor want all outdoor enthusiasts to share their project with a view to having the chance of seeing their dream become a reality.

If you are interested in taking part, you need to click through to the Claim Freedom website to submit your project.  100 projects will be selected to win a range of outdoor gear from adidas Outdoor and their partners, while 7 other projects will be selected and the people behind them given the honour of seeing their projects being realised, while just one other project will be selected and the person who created it being named the next adidas Outdoor Athlete.

What are you waiting for?  If you love the outdoors and want to do something truly amazing, sign up today and see if your project is selected for one of the amazing prizes and experiences mentioned above.  What do you have to lose?

This post has been sponsored by adidas