Ways To Make Your Camping Trip More Fun



Sometimes there’s nothing better than an escape into nature with friends, family, or just by yourself. Living the simple life, removing yourself from technology, and relaxing amidst the wilderness is a sure-fire way to improve your peace of mind and maybe even physical health. But what happens if you find the camping trip is dragging on a little longer than you may have expected? If you think you could ever be short of things to do out in the wild, think again!


Most campers will agree that there’s something about the fresh air which lifts one’s spirits and gets one in the mood to move around. Exercising in nature is considerably more fun than getting sweaty at the gym, and if you can make a social game out of it – even better! Badminton rackets and Frisbees are easy to take with you and will provide hours of fun (bring extra shuttlecocks!). For bigger groups of people, Hide & Seek or Capture the Flag make for incredibly fun and competitive team games.

If you’re less keen on running about and more interested in relaxing, bring a deck of cards instead. Turn evenings around the campfire into a casual poker night with friends. Play Texas Hold Em or, if there’s just the two of you, a game of Rummy.  No family camping trip is complete without some kind of board game, or at least a game of UNO. It may also be fun to bring a book full of puzzles and riddles that you can solve together whilst sitting around the campfire.



What to do during those cosy sunsets when the day is drawing to a close? How about getting creative with some DIY projects? Knitting is great way to pass the time and could result in a cosy hat or pair of socks for you to wear when the night gets a little chilly. Wood carving is also a great pass time for campers, but make sure you’re experienced in the craft and have a first aid kit packed (just in case!). A lot of people like to make camp in nature so that they can practise some wildlife photography, but if you’re totally disconnecting yourself from technology, then capture the flora and fauna around you with some pencils and a sketchbook instead! Finally, you’re going to have to eat during your camping trip – so why not experiment over the campfire? Look up some simple campfire recipes and treat yourself to hot chocolate, mac n cheese, banana boats or breakfast burritos to accompany your picnic basket.



It goes without saying that a pair of binoculars are to be packed for every camping trip.  Everything from bird watching to stargazing becomes better with telescopic view. If you’re with kids, turn the trip into an educational experience – examine plants and capture insects, and learn how to identify which ones are harmful. Put to practise wilderness survival tips and tricks to really feel at one with the nature around you. You could start by trying out a little self-sufficiency and finding your own food through the likes of berry picking or fishing. There’s something especially delicious about food that you’ve gathered with your own hands, after all.

If the weather is appropriate, why not fly a kite?

You could also make a whole day out of geocaching; the activity whereby you hunt for hidden objects via GPS coordination accessible on the geocaching website or app. Geocaching will make you feel part of a community of treasure hunters – and maybe you’ll even feel inspired to hide your own treasure somewhere.


Sometimes all it takes is a few days in nature to realize how many fun things there are to do when you remove Netflix and video games out of the equation. Whether you’re creative, active, or just looking to snuggle up with a book – everything’s more cosy when out camping.