Visiting Newquay on a surfing holiday

With epic beaches, consistent waves and a feel good atmosphere to match, it’s no surprise that Newquay is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe. You could say that Newquay has the beaches to match some of the world’s most renowned surfing destinations.

Perhaps what separates Newquay from other surfing hotspots is the array of things to do when you’re not riding the waves. In this article, I will provide you with a guide to holidaying in Newquay and highlight some of the places that you absolutely must visit.

Getting to Newquay

A lot of people assume that Newquay is super difficult to access, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. For overseas visitors, there are regular flights from Heathrow to Newquay airport, so its just a case of catching one extra flight. If you’re based in the UK, it’s a straight forward and enjoyable drive from most places. If you’re visiting Newquay as part of a group and you are based in the UK, it’s easier to just book a minibus and split the costs.

Staying in Newquay

With a number of awesome surf lodges and hotels, great accommodation isn’t hard to come by in Newquay. The surf lodges are especially popular with surfers; this is mainly down to their beach front locations and relaxed atmospheres. MOR Lodge in particular, is a great place for surfers to stay when they visit Newquay. As well as surf lodges, there are a number of hotels located within walking distance of some of Newquays best surfing beaches. As Newquay is very popular during the summer months, try and book your accommodation a few months in advance.

The best beaches

With 11 great surfing beaches in Newquay, surfers are spoilt for choice. The great thing about Newquay is that there’s a beach to suit all levels of surfing ability. One beach that is great for experienced surfers and beginners alike is Fistral. Most surfers have heard of Fistral beach, even if they haven’t heard of Newquay. This is because Fistral beach is home to the prestigious Boardmasters competition.

One beach that is particularly good for beginners is Lusty Glaze, the instructors there are great and the waves aren’t too difficult to master. Lusty Glaze also has a reputation for its unrivalled beach entertainment that includes live music from up and coming bands and various other events.

Getting to and from the beaches

If you don’t stay within walking distance of a beach, that’s not a problem as the transport infrastructure in Newquay and its surrounding areas is very good. The main bus service operating in and around Newquay is the western greyhound. Please note that some bus drivers will refuse the entry of surf boards if there is a lack of room on the bus.  If you choose to hire a surf board instead of taking your own, the majority of the beaches have equipment available for hire. That being said, it’s highly unlikely that you won’t be within walking distance of a beach.

Eating out

With an array of wonderful seafood eateries, fish lovers really are spoilt for choice. And what’s more, they all offer great value for money. But what dining experience is complete without spectacular views of the Cornish coastline? If seafood isn’t to your taste palette, there are a number of steakhouses and traditional eateries to choose from.

If you would rather a good old fashioned pub meal, there are a number of inexpensive pubs to choose from where the food is equally as good as the out and out restaurants. Here are my recommendations: for seafood look no further than the Boathouse, the view is spectacular and all of their fish is sourced locally. For a quality steak, pay a visit to Butchers Bistro, the prices are good and the service is even better.

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This article was contributed by David at MOR Lodge Newquay