Trying to Decide Whether You Should Buy Your Own Ski Boots?



After you’ve gone on a skiing holiday or two, you’ll naturally begin to wonder about whether you should pick up your own pair of boots. There are several things to take into account before you make your decision, so here’s a quick guide to help out.


Skiing holidays are all about enjoying yourself, but they are never quite as relaxing as simply booking into a hotel by the beach since there is plenty of stuff to get ready. With this in mind, many people prefer to pick up their own boots to ensure that not so much time needs to be spent at the rental shop trying on different pairs.

On the flip side, you’ll still need to have the skis you rent fitted to those boots, and you’ll also have the added hassle of having to take your boots with you when you fly.


One of the biggest considerations for most skiers is going to be price, and this really comes down to how much you’re planning to ski.

If you only want to ski during one week of each year, it’s going to take a long time for the amount you’d spend on renting to add up to the amount you’ll spend buying boots outright, especially considering the fact that you’ll need to spend extra to take them as baggage each year. However, anyone who wants to ski more than once a year for longer periods should definitely pick up their own pair.


Your own boots will eventually become exquisitely suited to the shape of your foot, making them more comfortable than a rented pair could ever be. Unfortunately, this does take time; you need to break the boots in since they expand over the first few days of use, and this can be painful.

That said, those few days of pain are often worth it for the perfect fit of your own boot, especially if you’re already a good skier. This is because only high-quality boots will let you properly feel and manipulate the ski below.

There’s really no right answer; it all comes down to your own needs. If you ski regularly and have already become quite advanced, buying your own boots makes sense, but anyone else will be fine sticking with rentals.

Don’t forget to rent a boot drier after a long days skiing