Top Water Sports That You Need to Try

Tired of doing the same old sports and activities? The great open water presents a whole new playing field of sports and activities for you to try out!

If the only “water sport” you can say you ever tried is water polo, then you really don’t know what you are missing out on. You don’t need to become a world champion surfer, but everyone should try to experience the feeling of exhilaration, fun and excitement that serious water sports can provide. Don’t know which one to try?

Below you’ll find an outline of five of the top water sports to try before you die!



Jet Skiing



Probably the most tempting water sport to try is jet skiing as nothing is quite as exhilarating as zipping across the water at top speeds on a jet ski. If you are a thrill seeker, you will absolutely love jet skiing. Compared to other watersports, there is not quite as much skill and training involved, so it is a watersport that can be enjoyed by virtually anyone. Having said this, you will need to be able to assert some self-control as jet skis are like rockets in water!

Kite Surfing


Kitesurfing is fun and easy to learn; all you’ll need is a few lessons to master the technique and control required, and once you do, this is a really exciting sport. With just a surfboard and a kite, you can sail across the water powered by nothing but the wind. You’ll be amazed at the speed the wind can make you travel at. Be warned – it can be a real adrenaline rush.

Scuba Diving


Scuba diving is definitely one of the activities to put on your bucket list. If you’re not an adrenaline junkie, but still like the idea of trying a water sport, give scuba diving a whirl. You’ll need some professional training as there are some procedures to learn to ensure your safety, but training is pretty easy and oh-so worth it.

Scuba diving is one massive adventure as under the sealays a whole new world that’s waiting to be explored. Take in some awesome breath-taking deep blue sea views, visit a shipwreck or dive with sharks.

White Water Rafting


You’ve probably seen white water rafting in the movies, but how about giving this water sport a try for yourself? If you like to take a walk on the wild side and like to assert some danger in your life every once in a while, divulge in some white water rafting. An incredible adrenaline rush is a certainty as you sail down a dangerous length of river at rapid speed. Think of it like a rollercoaster ride in a raft!



Not quite as difficult as water-skiing, wakeboarding is soaring in popularity in the world of water sports. A session of wakeboarding will see you soar across the water, with a board attached to your feet while a boat or cables and winches pull you along. You may even be able to turn a few tricks on the board once you build your confidence up.

And there you have it; we’ve mentioned high speeds, tricks, adrenaline rushes, stunts and lots of action – what more could you possibly ask for from a water sport?