Top Tips for Making Summer 2014 the Best Ever (Come Rain or Shine!)

When the sun comes out it’s easy to get carried away. The shorts come out of the drawers, the flip flops are dusted off and the sunglasses are finally removed from the shelves in your bedroom – time to soak up the sun!

It’s easy to see why, especially in the UK, when good weather is at a premium. We Brits spend so long waiting for the rain to stop and the sun to come out that we seem to turn into completely different people! From humans wrapped up in thick goats and donning glum faces, we suddenly turn into happy people who just can’t wait to get outdoors – and that’s just the adults. Children are always wanting to get outside and, as any parent will know, there’s often nothing worse than yet another rainy day where all you hear is “I’m bored” or “there’s nothing on telly.”

There’s so much to see and do in the great outdoors and after another traditionally wet winter, this summer needs to do a lot to help us to enjoy ourselves. We’re always promised heat waves and record-breaking temperatures but we seem to get a few hours of sunshine and that’s it, gone. So let’s make the most of summer 2014, starting…NOW! Take a look outside in your garden and at the toys and equipment that your kids have to play with. It might be that they’re looking a bit tired or that the kids have outgrown them.

The first piece of advice would be to do some research into something that will keep them entertained for hours on end during the holidays where you can just leave them and their friends outside, taking care of themselves without you having to lift a finger. Sites like are filled with equipment for all kinds of outdoor activities, like trampolines and sports tables, and even those you can use indoors when it (inevitably) rains. Some of the equipment, like the previously mentioned trampolines, will allow them to get outside and away from the games console even if they’ve got no friends round to play with them, it’s just a case of putting a few feelers out and surprising them with the ideal equipment to make this the best summer ever.

Another option, if you have the money and time available of course, is to go away for a few days. That doesn’t mean that you have to splash the cash on an expensive, exotic holiday on the other side of the world because to some that’s just not an option available to them for whatever reason. However, ‘staycations’ are becoming increasingly popular with people opting to remain in the UK, taking advantage of the endless coastlines, cultural experiences and everything else that this great island nation has to offer with whatever time and money they have available.

If all else fails, you could always try getting a bit creative. The outdoor possibilities are limitless, and with the creativity of children’s minds, plus your own experiences, you can come up with a great idea that they can take, adapt and make their own games up. It could be a combination of several sporting activities, it might be something completely random that turns out to be the best game ever. Whatever you come up with between you all, it’s got to be far better than sitting in front of the television watching repeats of shows they’ve seen so many times that they can recite the script! We need to encourage children, and ourselves of course, to get outside and enjoy the sunshine – responsibly, so make sure you apply sun cream – before it disappears again! Brits are great at moaning about the poor weather, let’s embrace the good weather while we have it.