Top 5 Summer Walks for Bird Watching in Britain

Experiencing Britain’s stunning scenery and beautiful countryside is a privilege that we all need to take advantage of. Not only do we have rolling hills and fields to explore, but we also have amazing wildlife waiting to be discovered.

Bird watching has been proven to help you de-stress and unwind and it can also be a great way to teach your children about the beauty of the outdoors. Why not take the whole family out onto some of Britain’s biggest and best summer walks and spot a few of the more uncommon species of bird this country has to offer?

To help you on your bird watching quest, our friends at Kennedy Wild Bird Food have put together this little list of some of the best walks you can head out on, in order to spot your favourite birds!

Stourhead (Wiltshire)

The Stourhead estate in Wiltshire is home to some rare tree sparrows, so it’s the perfect place for avid bird watchers to set up shop. The breed started to decline rapidly during the 1970’s, but with efforts from local farmers, the breed has seen a steady increase in the last few years.

Stourhead is a great place for the whole family, as you don’t just have to spend the day bird watching, but you can also have a leisurely walk around the estate itself.

Tennyson Down (Isle of White)

With glorious views and some of the freshest air in Britain, Tennyson Down is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. Here, you’ll be able to spot the dartford warbler as well as the odd peregrine falcon and raven. There are plenty of different hiking routes you can choose from depending on your experience and schedule. All routes offer beautiful views and plenty of opportunities for bird spotting!     

Wicken Fen (Cambridgeshire)

Cambridgeshire offers amazing, expansive countryside to wander through and Wicken Fen is a popular walking destination for many experienced walkers. It is also the home of species of bird such as Marsh harriers.

In the summer months, you can head out on one of the many routes that take you up and along the slightly rocky terrain. If you head out in the early hours, you’ll even be able to catch an amazing sunrise over the wheat fields that border the hiking trail.

Rutland Water (Rutland)

The Rutland Water nature reserve is a great place to take the whole family. With regular events and bird watching walks, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of a whole variety of some of Britain’s beautiful birds. From kingfishers to ospreys, it’s well worth writing a list before you go, to tick off all the amazing breeds you’ll spot!

Thurlestone Bay (Devon)

Thurlestone Bay is filled with an array of bird breeds. With its marshy land, it attracts many marshland breeds such as the pec sandpiper. You’ll also be able to spot breeds like the brambling, barnacle goose and white fronted goose.

For those passionate birdwatchers, Thurlestone Bay is ideal. With so many species of birds to spot, it is one of the best places in Britain for a spot of bird watching.

The beauty of finding walks that offer amazing opportunities for bird watching, is that they  are a great way to get some exercise into your busy weekend, and also help to get younger members of the family interested in the outdoors. Switch off and take some time out in the vast British countryside and get back in touch with the amazing life we have hidden away in our surroundings!  For more tips on bird watching, check out Bird Watching Buzz!