Top 5 Jeeps of all time

Of all the vehicles over the past 70 years that have meant so much to so many, the all-terrain Jeep would be the most iconic. It is not just a popular and practical off road vehicle, in the past 75 years it has ingrained itself into the psyche of the motoring public, not only in the United States where it originated but in every country in the world.

Built in 1941 for the United States Army to use in battle during World War II, the Jeep today is an off-road adventure-vehicle for some and a luxury suburban four-wheel-drive for others. If you already own one of these superb vehicles, it’s just a matter of keeping the engine ticking over for a trouble-free motoring future. Professional advice from engine experts like Pure Performance Motorsportwill help you keep your Jeep on the road for many years to come.

If, however, you’re in the market for your first Jeep, you’ll need to do a little research. They don’t have to be new to be desirable, with some of the earliest Jeeps ever produced among the most sought after today. To get you on your way, here are what some consider to be the top five Jeeps of all time.

The Military Willys MB (1941-1945)

These are the original and the best. Seen in just about every photo of US troops in World War II, this version led the way in battle as well as the race to produce off-road vehicles. There were subsequent models to follow, and they were little changed from the original, but this gets the nod for being the first of a new genre of motor vehicle.

Willys Pickup Truck (1947-1965)

Another formidable work horse, the Willy’s Pickup took over on the American farm where the original Jeep left off on the battle field. Among the original utility or pickup truck, this was used for everything from taking the family to church to dragging a dead bull carcass off the paddock. It is so iconic, movie directors usually pick a Willys pickup truck as the vehicle of choice in films about life on the land in the 1940s and 50s.

Jeep CJ7 (1976-1986)

This is perhaps the vehicle that signaled Jeep’s move into the luxury 4×4 market. True, it was still very much an off-road vehicle, but it also concentrated on style, comfort and leg-room. Its handling, both off road and on, was also vastly improved.

Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001) and Jeep Comanche MJ Pickup (1986-1992)

Jeep experts seem evenly divided on the attributes of the Cherokee and Comanche because of their similarity. The XJ was more of a family vehicle while the MJ was a pickup truck. But they were both functional, economic and compact, with great handling both on and off road.

Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997-2006)

The Jeep Wrangler improved on all the earlier luxury Jeeps. Many consider this the beginning of a new era of Jeep where it adopted a ‘universal’ style where luxury and handling were both important. Much of what is standard in Jeeps today comes from the improvements made to the Wrangler.

Is any Jeep better than another? Of course, some say, absolutely not, according to others. They each have their own benefits and negatives; but each and every one of them is a motoring icon. To keep up on what is hot and what is not in performance motoring, follow Pure Performance Motorsports on Facebookor see what is available on Pure Performance Motorsport on EBay.