Tips on Planning a Budget Trip to Kings Cross

Kings Cross in London is a favourite tourist destination for many visitors around the world. Starting from historical landmarks to cultural venues, business centres, marketplaces, amusement parks, and zoos, almost everything that attracts modern tourists is found in this part of London. It could be a perfect choice for your next family vacation. The only thing that may hold you back from planning a family trip to Kings Cross is your budget. However, it does not mean that a budget trip to this place is not possible.

If you are coming from France or Belgium, you can use the Eurostar London rail service to reach Kings Cross quickly and conveniently. This is also a more economical option than an air travel. Finding cheap accommodation in the region should not be a problem. Acclaimed budget hotels in Kings Cross, such as, Comfort Inn Kings Cross London, offer clean and comfortable accommodation at a fraction of the cost.

Planning a Family Vacation to Kings Cross on a Budget

All you need to do is to make sure that you plan your trip in advance. Here are two useful tips for the same.

  • Calculate your pre-travel costs – You will need to spend a major portion of your budget before the journey starts. Ideally, you should book your hotels, flight tickets, or train tickets as early as possible. This will help you land cheap deals. For instance, some budget hotels in Central London offer hefty discounts for booking in advance. It is also a good idea to buy a travel insurance policy before your trip. Unexpected expenses during the trip can cost you a bomb. Your travel insurance would come to your rescue in such situations. Also calculate the costs associated with getting visas and other costs. For instance, you may want to buy some essentials, such as a travel gear, a LED torch, a new pair of shoes before the trip. Make sure that you don’t invest in unimportant things.
  • Plan your sightseeing tours – There are a number of tourist attractions to explore in Kings Cross. Travelling around the major attractions could involve hefty transportation costs. One good idea would be to prioritise your preferences. If you love shopping, consider visiting Camden Market, KERB, Cally Market, and St Pancras International. On the other hand, book lovers should visit British Library and nearby places. Plan your travel around Theatre Land, if you are a theatre lover.

If your interest lies in history, consider visiting British Museum and nearby places. Your kids will love to explore London Zoo and Regents Park. Of course, it is better, if you can visit all tourist attractions in a single tour. However, if you are on a budget, selecting your preferences could really help.

Another good idea is to carry your money in different forms. You should diversify your money and carry as little cash as required. As an alternative to cash, you can use travel cheques, credit cards or debit cards. This actually helps to avoid unnecessary expenses. You can even book budget hotels in Kings Cross through online banking. If you have plans to visit other parts of the city, consider staying near Kings Cross station and St Pancras station. This would help you travel around the city for cheap.

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