Tips For Packing For A Cycling Holiday In The UK

Cycling holidays are becoming more and more popular and with very good reason.  What can be better than travelling to a nice part of the United Kingdom with spectacular views than getting out onto one of the many bike trails and see the countryside up close and personal.  If you are planning this type of holiday, there are some things you should be aware of when it comes to packing, as you will discover in the following post.

The British Weather

It shouldn’t really come as a shock that weather is the first thing we have listed as something to consider when packing for a cycling holiday in the UK.  The weather in our wonderful country can be very changeable to say the least, and there far you need to plan according to the time of year and part of the country you are travelling to; but you also have to consider that things could change with very little warning.

Bike And Rider First Aid

Depending on where you are going, the amount of first aid you will require for both you and your bike will depend on how much support is available on your holiday.  If you are heading on a fully supported tour, there will be a support vehicle that will include among other things – a first aid kit, spare parts and a complete bike repair and tool kit.

However, if you are heading out on an independent holiday with for instance, you will not have the same access to supplies and will need to pack more of your own gear.

Bike Transportation

Exactly what you have to do to transport your bike for your cycling holiday will depend on how you are getting to your chosen destination.  If you are flying or travelling on the train, bus or a boat you will need to make sure you pack your cycle appropriately to meet the travel company’s regulations.

Food, Drink And Refreshments

A holiday that includes a large amount of time cycling and using energy means that you need to stay properly hydrated and keep your energy levels up.  Ensuring that you have a water bottle for your bike is something you should take seriously.  Although you may get meals as part of the package or room you book with your chosen accommodation, you need to also plan your meals and refreshments when you are actually out on your bike.

Safety Equipment

There are no rules and regulations to suggest helmets are legally essential for riding on British roads.  However, to avoid serious injury when something goes wrong and you come off your bike or are involved in some other kind of accident on the road, it is better to be safe than sorry.

It is also wise to consider purchasing some form of high visibility clothing – even if it is just a riding vest.  Even if you have no intention of riding at night, and most people don’t, there will still be those days when the weather is less than great and visibility is poor and making yourself as clear to other road users as possible, will help to keep you safe.