Tips to Make Motorhoming in Devon More Convenient



So you are now the proud owner of a new Motorhome and probably still deciding on how to properly accessorize your Motorhome. At first, there is always a tendency to stuff in too much. But the best advice is to review your previous trips in Motorhomes as that would give you a fair idea about the accessories for your Motorhome you need to carry. The following discussions would give you a fair idea about the same.


This is the first and the most important thing that every Motorhome owner should do. To cut the Reflectix pieces in a way to fit in all the windows. The reflectix come cheap and is great to keep your Motorhome cool and protect it from the unnecessary sunlight. It also acts as an insulator to keep your Motorhome warm in the cold nights. Therefore, it’s a great saviour as it maintains the functional ability of your AC in summer months and a furnace in the freezing winter months.

Towel Grommets:

This is something which everybody would agree with. The very indispensable towel grommets come very handy when you need to hang up your wet towel to dry out without spoiling your bed and furniture. You can easily find them in a hardware store.


This is almost a similar version of the previous item and needless to say, they are extremely useful to have in your motorhome. you can literally hang up almost anything on these hooks, from jackets, towels, clothes, or any other item that can be hanged up for drying. You would find them in the home goods store in various finishes like brass, chrome, white or nickel etc.

Clothes Rod:

Clothes rod comes handy when you need to hang up big clothes that need to stretch across for perfect drying. Like our very own wet towel after a comforting shower. The clothes rods can be adjusted to fit in places like in between the wooden rails, in the back seat of cars, etc. one can find clothes rod in almost any home improvement stores or Wal-Mart.

Reminder Tags:

When in a hurry, you definitely need someone to remind you of things you can’t afford to forget before you finally start off for the journey. For that, there comes the very useful reminder tag. You can use various types of reminder tags to suit your fancy and needs. But it is very important to put the tags in places which your eyes would spot instantly before you take off.

Toiletry Pockets:

To make space for your essential toiletry items like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, comb, nail clippers, razor, shaving cream, etc. it is important that you make up for some toiletry pockets for easy fit on the motorhome bathroom wall or doors. To hang up the toiletry pockets you can use hooks and grommets for convenient and easy hanging. You can DIY the toiletry pockets or buy them from the store.

Window Sponge:

Window sponge is an essential accessory to wipe off the moisture from the windows that you should keep in your Motorhome.