Tips To Make Arranging Group Holidays Less Stressful



A holiday with a large group of friends can be an exciting and memorable thing to experience, when it goes according to plan.  However, it can also be very stressful, especially at the planning stage.  Therefore, in the following post we will look at some handy tips you should keep in mind and follow if you are arranging a holiday for you and friends or family.

Book Everything In Advance

The organisation side of group holidays is one of the most stressful points and what makes it so hard.  This is why it is recommended that you book everything, including the group accommodation and transport, as far in advance as possible.  By booking everything in advance you allow plenty of time for collection of deposits and arranging dates for the holiday that everyone in the group are available for and may even mean that you are able to make some huge savings on the cost.

Create A Shortlist

It is important that you decide on a shortlist of accommodation options.  This is so if there is a lacking in availability at one place, you have other options to choose from and will still be able to get the dates and destination you want.  So although you may want to stay at a particular villa or hotel, it is wise to have other choices you’d all be okay with compromising on, if it meant you got to travel on the days you are all available.

Assign Someone As Leader

Although everyone will want to have a say and input in the booking process, it is sensible to assign one person to the actual booking of the holiday.  That way they can be the lead contact with accommodation, travel agents and the rest of the group.  They can organise the payments and make sure that everyone knows what is happening, so that there is no confusion.

Create A Payment Plan

Obviously when you are travelling as a group, each of you will be expected to pay something towards the trip.  It is important therefore that you have a payment plan of sorts organised.  Having actual dates when everyone has to pay for the holiday by makes it a lot easier than just letting people pay when they can.

Travel Insurance

Everyone should make sure they have the appropriate level of travel insurance.  This is something that each member of the group should organise and deal with themselves, rather than leaving it to one person to organise for everyone.

Check Passports

While it is probably common sense, it is worth highlighting the importance of ensuring that all members of the holiday group have passports that will still be valid when you intend to travel.  Even if you think you or other members of the group are sure their passport is up to date, you should still have them checked, because the quicker they are renewed the better.

As you can see, with some careful but simple planning, group holidays do not need to be quite as stressful as they are.