Tips For Earning Money While You Travel

So you are planning on taking a trip travelling and have worked out you will need to find ways to make money while away from home to supplement your savings and help you last longer.  How do you go about this?  It may seem like it would be a hard thing to do as you won’t have a permanent, fixed address; but as you will see from this short article, the ways that you can earn money while travelling are only as limited as your imagination.  We have highlighted a few of the methods we particularly like.

Teaching English To Locals

When trying to find work at such short notice or even with a little planning while you are on the move a lot, it pays to play to your strengths.  As a native of an English speaking country, one of your major strengths is one that you may not have considered – the fact that you can speak English.  The interesting thing is that, unlike teaching jobs back on home soil, teaching English in foreign lands is often possible without any official qualification and although you may not make a large amount of money, it will be good enough to help with the expenses of your trip.

Writing Brief Articles For Travel Communities

Another great way to earn money while you travel is to use the actual experience of travelling itself to fund your trip.  Before you start worrying about having to run your own blog or website, you will be interested to discover that there are actually sites and travel communities out there who will pay decent money for your writing.  It can also be a great launchpad for you if you are interested in making travel writing your career in the future.  Although the sites don’t often pay amazingly well, it makes some common sense that while you are travelling through a particular place in the world, you should earn some money writing about it.

If you like the idea of writing and being paid for it but you don’t want to deal with the admin of keeping your own Blog then writing short articles for sites like Matador can be a good option.

Have Fun Gambling And Making Money

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom or very serious when you are trying to supplement your trip expenses while on the road.  Take a site like for instance.  Obviously, you can use their site as merely a fun way of unwinding when you are resting at the hostel, hotel or wherever you are holed up for the night, or en route to.  You may not have considered that playing the games on this site could earn you money.  Of course, when you are using gambling and games of chance to earn money, it is always a bit risky.  If you have good intuition for these kinds of games and have a reasonable level of skill for games such as blackjack though, you could find this an interesting and exciting way to earn that extra cash you need.