Sponsored Video: Things Worth Visiting Dublin To See And Do

Of all the places I have been to in Europe and the UK, there is one place that stands out head and shoulders above the rest.  The place I am referring to has beautiful scenery, a rich heritage and interesting history, while being very modern and progressive at the same time and is filled with largely well-meaning, friendly and laid-back people.  The place I am talking about is Dublin, Ireland.

If you have never visited the bright and warm city of Dublin, then I suggest you make it your plan to do so at some point and in the following article you will find some of my suggestions for where you should go while you are there.

Stunning Cathedrals

If you are a fan of architecture and old buildings, you will enjoy a trip to Dublin.  There are many really beautiful churches, cathedrals and other places of worship in Dublin as Ireland is a very religious country.  I have chosen to highlight two that I particularly love – Christ Church Cathedral and St Patrick’s Cathedral.

The Christ Church Cathedral (or as it is more formally known, The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity) is a Gothic/Romanesque style building that was built in 1030.  As well as being a thing of beauty, the cathedral is also home to the oldest known secular carvings in Ireland in the crypt which itself happens to be the largest in the UK.

St Patrick’s Cathedral  is a Gothic style church that is thought to be the largest in Ireland and was established in 1191.

The Temple Bar

In Dublin, the Temple Bar is actually two separate things,  It is a rather nice traditional Irish pub and also the name of the district surrounding the pub, which has a whole host of entertainment options including restaurants, shops and other little pubs.  It gets very loud and fun at night.  The actual pub known as The Temple Bar is a pub that has been there since 1840 and has character as a result of it.

Irish Pubs In General

Okay, so I mentioned the Temple Bar above, but really you could go into most traditional Irish pubs in Dublin and have a nice time.  The staff and regulars are generally very welcoming and warm.  They all have their own individual character and all serve Guinness, so you can’t really go wrong can you?  Everyone I have spoken to who has gone to Dublin, has commented on the pubs – so can so many people be so wrong?

The Guinness Storehouse And Brewery

Although Guinness may not be to everyone’s taste, as it is such a big part of Irish history and heritage it would still be worth visiting.  There is a lot to see and do there including a massive indoor waterfall that has to be seen to be believed and several floors of exhibits and restaurants.  I would highly recommend heading to the sky-bar at the top of the building however, as you can stand or sit there with a a drink(you actually get a complimentary Guinness upon arrival at the bar, which is a bonus for fans of the drink) and take in a 360 degrees view of Dublin.

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