The Worlds Most Cycle-Friendly Cities Revealed

The last decade has seen the bicycle make a major commercial comeback all over the world, and this is down to a variety of different reasons. Not only is cycling a cheap and convenient way of getting from A to B, it’s also an environmentally friendly option that can drastically improve ones physical and mental health.

From young children and athletes to teenagers, business people and grandparents, millions of people all over the world are joining the cycling revolution. With this increase in popularity comes the need for politicians and city planners to step up their game by creating and implementing strategies that make urban settlements more bike-friendly.

On that note, let’s reveal which cities in the world lead the way when it comes to allocated bike routes, pathways and other user-friendly systems.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Whether you’re a keen cyclist or not, chances are you know how renowned the thriving bicycle culture is in Amsterdam. Given the fact that bikes in Amsterdam, just like those from Radial Cycles, are so cheap and the city is decked out with cycling lanes and easy to navigate routes, it’s easy to see why bicycles are the preferred mode of transport in the city.

Berlin, Germany



Much like Amsterdam, the bicycle culture in Berlin is not just a fad; it has become a way of life. The majority of residents in Berlin do not own a car and it’s estimated that at least half a million people cycle to and from work in the city every single day. To cater for this huge number of cyclists, the government has built an extensive citywide bike route that’s exclusively for bicycles and bicycles only.

Bristol, UK



A city that’s striving to catch up to its bike-friendly counterparts, Bristol has its finger on the pulse when it comes to eco-friendly initiatives. This can be highlighted in a number of different ways, one of which being the fact that huge investments are being made in the hope of creating a bike-friendly infrastructure that’s found in the likes of Amsterdam and Berlin. The future is bright for cyclists in Bristol, as its biking culture is set to get a lot bigger with considerably better quality systems.

Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is a fascinating city that’s adorned with beautiful architecture that needs to be explored from ground level – no driving allowed! And while the biking routes and provisions in the city are not near as plentiful and advanced as that of some other European cycling nations, the sheer number of bicycle users in Budapest is causing their municipalities to make major and speedy reforms as they demand more road space.

As well as the four European cities that are outlined above, the likes of Sydney, Vancouver and Tokyo are three other cities that shine brighter from the rest when it comes to the provision of practical and user-friendly biking systems. And given the many benefits of cycling that we briefly mentioned above, the future is set to see a lot more cities follow suit as the cycling culture continues to spread so rapidly in countless countries all over the world.