The Real Benefits of Using Decorative Stones and Gravel In Your Garden

If you are planning out your garden and want something to break up all the greens and colourful flowers to add a different kind of texture, dimension and feel to the space, have you given much thought to decorative aggregates? Decorative aggregates such as garden stones such as gravel and pebbles are an excellent way to bring your garden to life even more. If you’ve never given it much thought and need a little convincing, check out the following benefits you can avail yourself from using pebbles in your garden.

Sustainable and Low Maintenance

One of the big attractions for many landscapers and gardeners to using gravel, pebbles and other decorative aggregates in your garden is the fact that with some forethought and planning, along with the right choices of plants, a garden with gravel can thrive without requiring regular maintenance and constant watering. Whether it’s your own garden or a client’s and they want something that doesn’t require much effort, always look at getting gravel, pebbles and other aggregates.

Incredibly Flexible

It doesn’t matter if you want to create a nice border for different flowerbeds or to separate flowers from kitchen garden plants or want to add a little drama to the plainer areas or are just looking to cover those high-traffic areas in a decorative way. There are various garden aggregates that perform well in all those roles.

Climate and Weather Friendly

Another aspect of garden aggregates like gravel and pebbles that makes them so appealing to keen gardeners and professionals alike, is how well they work in various climates and weather conditions. Is your garden in an area prone to droughts with lots of arid, dry land? Gravel is perfect for covering over soil patches that you won’t be able to irrigate or plant on successfully. Whereas wetter areas are ideal for offering you quick drainage solutions. That in turn helps to ensure your garden plants won’t end up drowning in a big messy puddle.

Organic and Durable Feel

Do you want to have a paving material in your garden that is sturdy and durable, but has a very natural look and feel? One that will cover whatever areas of your garden you need, such as paths and driveways. Gravel is perfect for that. It may not be quick as hard and tough as cement, ceramics and other forms of concrete. However, many of those lack character.

Whereas gravel gives you that crunchy sound underfoot and a real sense of texture.

Affordable and Cost Effective

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for high-quality materials that will stand the test of time, gravel is an ideal solution. It is cost-effective and affordable, particularly if you find gravel sourced from local places. Rather than something imported and incredibly expensive.

As with anything with garden, when you put the effort in and plan it out beforehand, you can produce stunning and eye-catching results using decorative stones.