The Culturally Unique City of St Albans

Planning a business trip or weekend away in Hertfordshire? Whatever your reasons for visiting this county, it is a good idea is to stay at the only the city in Hertfordshire, St Albans. Apart from convenient options for bed and breakfast in St Albans, there is ample space for doing as you please. This entire county is an agricultural land, accounting for a lot of open spaces for outdoor events and parties. There are ample wedding venues in St Albans, along with small parks and playground for kids, open spaces with war memorials, and other public conveniences. According to the official St Albans website, this city was earlier known as Verlamion, which the Romans changed to Verulamium. Finally, towards the end of the early Middle Ages, the city came to be known as St Albans. This dormitory town has a thriving culture and marketplace, along with a number of food and drinking festival. Whatever the purpose of your visit, you are sure to have a great time visiting this part of Southern England.

Local Culture

The city has a rich and unique culture that involves regular concerts, theatre productions and similar events at the various venues scattered across the city. The city is also home to the Trestle Theatre Company that has been creating innovative and inspirational physical storytelling theatre since 1981. Theatre is also part of the daily school life of young children, since The Sandpit Theatre collaborates with Sandringham School to host a variety of plays all year round. These plays are performed by the students of the school. Such education only contributes to this one-of-a-kind community. There are two museums in the city that tell you about the life of the early Roman British residents the history of the town and Saint Alban. There also are several nature reserves that are great places to visit if you are on a family holiday. This is also a great option for a wedding. You can choose from some excellent options for wedding venues in St Albans, such as The Quality Hotel St Albans, which offers 3 star accommodations and all the necessary support to organise an unforgettable event.

Markets and Events

There are several markets and events that are scheduled in this city, all year round. Every second week there is the Farmer’s Market, where farmers get a chance to directly sell their fresh produce to the consumer. To celebrate this fantastic range of food and drink, the city offers locals and tourists the opportunity to celebrate with the St Albans CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival, which is held every autumn. This 13 day festival is a chance for everyone in the city to take a break and enjoy the great quality of food and drinks till their heart’s content. The celebrations end on the thirteenth day, with the commencement of the Festival Awards. Since there is a long history of pubs and restaurants in this city, it is only fair that they are acknowledged at the end of the festival. The festival generally takes place between the end of September and beginning of October, making it a must visit during that time. Make sure to bring enough water and plan your weekend away in Hertfordshire by checking out the dates of such events.