Teva Arrowood WP Shoes Review

shoes-featuredI was sent a pair of these shoes in exchange for a review based on my honest opinion of them.  As I do a lot walking with my dog Luna, I was looking for a nice practical pair of shoes, that were not only waterproof but also wide enough to avoid any chaffing so they were as comfortable as possible  I was a little apprehensive about the Teva Arrowood WP because they are retail rather expensively, and I wasn’t sure if the quality was going to match that price.  However, as you will see from my review below, I was pleasantly surprised.

Teva are an authentic brand who were established in 1980 by a guide who worked on the the Colorado River and were pioneers in the sport-sandal category of footwear.  Opening up and looking at the Arrowood WP shoes I received, I could tell they were a great quality pair of shoes.  I was more excited to try them on, actually seeing them in person.

I like to walk a lot, as I said, and I decided to try test them out and wore them a few times when walking my dog Luna through mostly woodlands, so when it has been raining it can be damaging for shoes of lesser quality.  The very first time I slipped them on, I was impressed at the lack of discomfort there was and even after about an hour’s walk my feet still felt fine.


Considering how robust and durable they are, the Teva Arrowood WP shoes are, I was really quite impressed at how light they feel.  Since the first time I wore them, I have worn them a few other times and had the same experience.  It doesn’t really seem to matter how long I wear them for or how much walking I do, they protect my feet perfectly from becoming too achy.

Although the waterproofing, material and construction are the more important things when choosing this kind of footwear; the way they look and their aesthetic qualities are still important.  I really like how they look and they especially go well with shorts.  That might sound crazy because I know we are still very much in the cold and harsh winter months, but I have worn shorts and these shoes on a number of occasions and even my girlfriend commented that they were very smart.

A lot of people have commented on them since I started wearing them, particularly my dad who was so impressed that he ha said he wants to buy a pair.  I am thinking I might buy him a pair for his next birthday if he has already bought them himself.

All in all, if you are looking for a reliable, well made pair of waterproof walking shoes, for rambling and hill walking you could do a lot worse than the Teva Arrowood WP.  They are on the expensive side, this is true, but they have been constructed to a high standard and really feel like they would last a long time.

You can have a look at the full Teva collection online as not only do they make great walking shoes, they also have a whole range of shoes and sandals great from being on the beach to on the mountains: