Ten Tips for Hosting a Better Summer Party




It’s difficult to go wrong with a summer party when the weather’s good, there’s food to be had and some feel-good tunes are playing in the background. That being said, there are always some tips and tricks you can rely on to vamp up your hosting style and throw the coolest and most entertaining summer party of them all. Here are some of our favourite recommendations…



Superior BBQ apron

For most of us, summer parties invariably involve some kind of outdoors feast or – better yet – a real barbeque grill-up. After all, one of the best things about the arrival of summer is being able to enjoy good food and drink in warm, sunny weather. If you happen to be the grill master, show your guests you take this responsibility seriously with an ultra-convenient BBQ apron equipped with a tools and equipment belt, ketchup and mustard holder, along with pockets for anything else you might need while serving up delicious burgers and hotdogs. This type of BBQ apron is sometimes referred to as a heavy-duty apron, with various brands patenting their own design with names like ‘The Grill Sergeant’ and ‘Tactical Chef’.

Citronella oil candles

Perhaps the worst part about summer parties, and summer in general, is the presence of insects; attracted to any space where food and people are collected in large numbers. If you happen to be one of those people of whom mosquitos seem particularly fond, you’ll agree that the irritatingly itchy and swollen bites they’ll give you on their arms and legs make them one of the more serious summer pests. The best thing you can do for yourself and your guests is to ward off mosquitos with a repellent spray, scent or candle. Citronella oil candles are a good option. Not only do these candles repel mosquitoes – they also release a pleasant citrus aroma and make for a cosy atmosphere. Keep the candles lit throughout the evening, but ensure children stay well clear of them.

Pool drink stands

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, you don’t need telling that investing in a bunch of fun pool equipment will go down well with guests. Even if your pool is of the smaller, inflatable kind – some relaxing floats and kids toys will keep people cooled down and entertained for hours. The only downside? Letting guests bring drinks into the pool is never a good idea when you’d rather avoid Kool-Aid or cocktails mixed into the pool water. Drinks at the poolside, on the other hand, are at risk of being splashed with the chlorine water. The solution is simple – floating drink stands! These floating drink rafts often come in cute designs, modelled after flamingos, ducks, desert islands or more. Cute and practical!

Collapsible poker set

A game of poker can keep guests entertained for hours, and is the perfect party activity for when the kids go to bed. If you’re going to play outdoors, invest in a collapsible poker set that everyone can crowd around with ease. Bring out the beer cooler and play some chilled tunes for a casual and fun game night amongst friends. The most commonly known and universally loved variant of poker is Texas Hold’Em – but be sure to brush up on the rules before challenging your guests to a summer party tournament. Don’t worry – you can practise this type of poker online in preparation.

Watermelon punch bowl

Fresh fruit and cool drinks are expected at every decent summer party – and you can combine the two with an exotic-looking creation; the watermelon punch bowl. Chill a watermelon in the fridge, cut off the top and then scoop out the middle of the larger half. The space you’re left with is now a great place to pour in some chilled juice or punch. The watermelon will help add subtle, fruity flavour to the drink, while the liquid will help keep the inside of the watermelon fresh. If you want to try this idea in desert format, cut an orange in half, scoop out its insides and replaces it with sorbet or ice cream for a zesty treat and natural dessert bowl.

Ice shot glasses

Using a mold, make shot glasses out of ice for the perfectly chilled shot. This is ideal for a hot summer’s day, and is sure to impress your guests. Alternatively, make ‘cocktail popsicles’ with by pouring some some freezable alcoholic concoctions into an ice lolly mold.

Thematic decor

A decorative theme helps make your summer party all the more memorable while providing kids with fun dress-up ideas. Pirates and mermaids are great summer themes for parties with children, and can be represented in dinner sets and pinatas. For a more grown-up vibe, try decorating with floral themes.

Fabric den

From tree houses to pillow forts; kids have always loved hand-made hideaways. Put together an easy den by hanging fabric between branches, chair or tables. This will make a cosy space for children to play in private yet nearby.

Outside Movie Projector

There are few things cosier than curling up under a blanket with some snacks and watching a feel-good movie with friends and family. Being able to do this in the outdoors on a warm summer’s night makes the experience all the more special. You can buy or rent a movie projector and use either a plain, flat wall or a piece of white fabric as the screening platform.

Playlist for everyone

It may be tempting to throw on a pre-made summer party playlist, but make sure that your music will entertain all guests. If your guest list includes various age groups then why not mix up some modern tunes with some nostalgic classics? That way, there’ll be something for everyone – from your Diana Ross-loving grandma to the Rihanna-listening teenage neighbour.

There you have it – ten simple and inexpensive ways to add a special touch and feel-good vibes to your event! Are you ready to start planning the most epic party of the summer?