Survival tips for wedding photography – There’s enough time for preparation!



Too all novice and inexperienced photographer, their first wedding assignment is always the most daunting one and stands as Mt. Everest in their entire career history. It’s one of those feats which could define their failure or success for the remaining career. Hence, it is needless to say that you need a lot of preparation and a lot of focus. Another thing without which it is impossible for you to achieve success is passion.

Every single detail, no matter how small it may be, is important. The people, the favors and the tensions are all too high. A wedding shoot isn’t the time to test your experience and skills. It is a day when an experienced photographer should take on the responsibility and he should be a practiced player with enough dexterity. Check out a few survival tips for a wedding photographer Edinburgh.

  • Do your bit of research: How about finding out a bookstore which has got a large selection of books on photography? Invest some time in taking a look at books on Amherst Media and Bill hurter. Such books are replete with incredible amount of info that you may gain if you’re going to have your first wedding photography experience.
  • Analyze the style of the couple: Being a wedding photographer, your job is not only capturing events which take place on the wedding day. You should also possess the ability to perform your job in a specific style which signifies the bride and the groom. Are they contemporary or traditionalists? Do they love black and white or color? If they aren’t sure about what they like, take some time to tell them about the styles that suit them.
  • Create a pre-wedding meet: In order to build a clean schedule of the wedding shoot, you have to arrange a pre-wedding meet with the bride so that you can get all required information about the actual day. You should speak on wedding presentations, portraits of bride and bridesmaid, bride portraits, pictures of groom and groomsmen, family portraits, the entire wedding party and the couple together. If you are not experienced with shooting weddings, plan out some extra time.
  • Stay in touch: Make sure you stay connected to the coordinator of the wedding as he is the best man who can be considered as the personal assistant of the bride. If anything goes off schedule, it is the wedding coordinator who will tell you about that. When it is time to find out those family members who are missing in a family portrait, it is again the wedding coordinator who will help you out.

Hence, if you’re scared about your first photography assignment, take into account the above mentioned tips. Seek help of a senior photographer if you think you need tips to survive in this industry. Also be well-dressed as it is important that you look like a professional when you reach the venue for your job.