Summer Cycling in the Alps: Spending Time in the Mountain Sun

Collaboration with Alpine Elements.

The Alps region isn’t just a special travel destination during the snowy, winter months. It comes as a surprise to some people to find that this part of Europe is also very attractive during the summer too.

In particular, this is a terrific spot in which to carry out some summer cycling on a memorable trip to the mountains. There are some very good reasons why this could be the place where you enjoy the most adventurous summer break ever.

Tremendous Facilities

Summer Cycling in the AlpsOf course, the Alps region is renowned for offering excellent facilities for holidaymakers. No matter what time of year you travel here you will find a great range of hotels, restaurants and bars waiting for you.

It is also worth pointing out that the shuttle buses in many of the resorts work all year round. You can even get around in the ski lifts on your bike in order to get out to the more remote trails that you want to explore.

All in all, this is the sort of destination where you will be completely comfortable and can enjoy a lot of fun without any worries. If you are used to getting out in the wilds on a remote British cycling trip then you will enjoy the ease with which you can access great facilities here.

Take your time to find the perfect resort where everything you need will be close to hand. French Alps resorts such as Morzine and Tignes are particularly popular with cyclists in the summer months.

A Variety of Tracks and Trails

Perhaps the most important point of all is that there are many different tracks and trails to try out here. These range from long and challenging routes over the mountains to far simpler and gentler challenges.

This is great news for visitors, as it means that there is a route to suit every level of cyclist. Whether you are with a group of experienced cyclists or on a family holiday with kids, there are sure to be trails that suit your needs.

The Alps are now extremely popular with families looking for an active holiday with the kids. With there being such a great variety of trails to choose from there is no risk of having to leave some family members behind.

By choosing the right trail you can either enjoy a thrilling day-long ride or just get a gentle little trip for an hour or so. If it is a family ride then you might want to take a picnic and just enjoy the glorious views after a short ride.

Warm Weather

If you have never before visited the Alps in the summer months you might not know what to expect. Will it still be snowy and bitterly cold even at this time of year?

The truth is the summer weather here is often excellent. Warm temperatures make it a real pleasure to get out on a bike to explore this fascinating region.

It can sometimes rain at this time of year but overall you can expect very pleasant cycling conditions. You certainly won’t be troubled by freezing conditions or snowfall in the way you might expect.

A Top Class Cycling Culture

Summer Cycling in the Alps

Not everyone is aware that the Alps is one of Europe’s great cycling regions. Many bike enthusiasts come here for a holiday and there are also wonderful events such as the Tour de France, the Etape de Tour and the tough Marmotte event.

All of this means that it is a destination with a strong cycling culture. You are sure to meet plenty of other bike fans, as well as discovering a place where cyclists are catered for and well looked after.

Hiring a bike and getting hold of cycling gear is easy, while a quick check online will let you find out about some of the best and most popular cycling routes. If you are going with a group of cycling fans then you will have a great time enjoying the cycling culture together here.

Other Exciting Things to Do

No matter how much of a keen cyclist you are, you are sure to want to find other things to do on holiday as well. In this respect, the Alps is a perfect holiday spot.

During the summer months this area is a magnet for adventure seekers, with sports such as paragliding, white water rafting and canyoning all being incredibly popular. You can enjoy some incredible adrenalin pumping action even when you aren’t cycling.

Apart from that, you can also relax while trying out some of the famous Alpine cuisine or having a few drinks.   Some resorts are renowned for offering a lively nightlife scene, while others are better suited to someone who just wants to soak up the views and get a feeling of peace.

If you are looking for a wonderful place to go cycling in the summer then you can’t do much better than head to the Alps. It has everything you could ask for to give you a memorable trip.time of year but overall you can expect very pleasant cycling conditions. You certainly won’t be troubled by freezing conditions or snowfall in the way you might expect.