Stunning Supercars for Hire



The thrill of owning a supercar, perhaps a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or one of many other famous and prestigious marques, is something that can be experienced only by the wealthy. These machines cost a great deal to buy, and offer a driving experience a world away from your average daily car. They are also expensive to run and insure, so ownership of even the least expensive Porsche, for example, remains a dream for most of us. Fortunately, we have the answer: you can rent a supercar from Classic Parade, where you will find a team of passionate, dedicated people and a choice of makes and models that is simply mouth-watering!

Classic Parade hires out a vast array of stunning machines, some extremely rare and sought after, to a variety of people. For example, businessmen visiting the UK may wish to travel in style while they are here, or celebrities who are used to being seen in an expensive car back home may want to keep up appearances! Classic Parade also hires vehicles to members of the public who simply want to experience a day as an owner, and many people choose Supercar Hire as a gift to a loved one – and what a gift it would be to present them with say, a Lamborghini Aventador for a day.

Supercars and Classics

You can choose from a full range of Ferrari’s, both coupe and convertible Lamborghini’s, just about every model of Porsche and a variety of Aston Martin’s. If you fancy a luxury ride why not choose a Rolls Royce or Bentley, or for a touch of rare Italian style, one of the many Maserati models on offer? Exclusivity comes in the form of a rare McLaren P1, or you could sample the future with the magnificent BMW i8, and there is a vast choice of Mercedes, Audi and more to try.

You can also hire classic cars from Classic Parade, perhaps a wonderful 1960’s Austin-Healey, MG or Triumph for the British Sports car experience. Or, a rare and exotic Fiat Dino Spider, or a classic Porsche or Jaguar? You can rent your supercar or classic for a day, a week or more – there is no limit on time or mileage – and enjoy the thrill of luxury driving or a nostalgic trip back to the past.

Easy to Book

Whatever it is you wish to hire – believe us when we tell you the choice is hard to make with so many fantastic cars available – Classic Parade will be able to help, and they are happy to deliver to you, and to pick up the car when your time is up. You’ll find the booking process simple and quick; just a few forms to fill in, proof of identity and card for payment, and you’re free to drive away!

Have a look at the stunning array of supercars and classics available for hire at Classic Parade, and book yourself some time in a dream car for the driving experience of a lifetime.