Sponsored St Patrick’s Day Invitation to Ireland

If you never have been to Ireland or celebrated St Patrick’s then there is a great big hole in your life right there. This is a wonderful place and a very special day, so the combination of the two adds up to one of the world’s most incredible experiences.

The 17th of March is a day for the Irish to have a good time and if you want to join in the fun then you can’t do much better than head over and take part. Of course, if you can’t make it at this time then Ireland is a tempting destination at any other time of year as well.

This year, one of my favourite actors has sent out a video message wishing the world a happy St Patrick’s Day and inviting us all to visit the island for a St Patrick’s knees up. The brilliant Liam Neeson spends 60 seconds encouraging us to join the Irish and live the good life for a few days of fun and festivities over there. While he speaks we get treated to some of the loveliest and most spectacular views in Ireland, just to make us even keener to get on a budget flight and start to enjoy some Irish fun and sight-seeing.

On a more global note, the actor then goes on to talk about the Global Greening Initiative. This amazing scheme will see famous sites all round the world lit up in green on the 17th of March. The Colosseum in Rome, the Sacré-Cœur in Paris and even the towering Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio will all take part in this global St Patrick’s Day initiative. It sounds like a great idea and the kind of thing that is going to raise the awareness of Ireland and their national holiday all round the planet.

Of course, for Brits a trip to Ireland is just about the easiest and cheapest way of getting away for a few days. With cheap flights and accommodation easy to find online there is no reason not to pop across the Irish Sea for a good time sometime soon.

Dublin is obviously the place to head to for a cosmopolitan time in a big city but for many tourists the real pleasures in Ireland are to be found out in the  countryside or in the smaller cities and towns. Cork, Galway, Belfast and Limerick are some of the cities not to be missed on any quick tour of the Emerald Isle.

In terms of the top tourist attractions, the Ring of Kerry, the Giant’s Causeway, the Blarney stone and the Guinness Storehouse are places you won’t want to miss while you are here. If you have got the luxury of more time then you are spoilt for choice when it comes to other places to go and see.

However, if it is a party you are after then I would suggest that you take Liam Neeson’s sage advice and head over to Ireland for a cracking good St Patrick’s Day celebration. You aren’t likely to forget that experience in a hurry.

This post has been sponsored by Tourism Ireland but we love St Patrick’s Day, Liam Neeson and Ireland anyway