How to spend a day in the London sunshine

London – it’s pretty much fantastic, isn’t it? You’ve got Big Ben, Westminster, Buckingham Palace and an almost endless list of other places to visit.

But really, will these attraction-staples let you appreciate the great outdoors?


They may be great feats of architecture, but they won’t let you relax and soak up the all too rare British sunlight.

That’s why we’ve put together the ideal list of things you can do in London when you’re yearning for a spot of sunshine. So, have a look, leave your car at the Gatwick Meet and Greet and plan your day trip!

Catch a film at Somerset House

Your film-watching experiences are probably consigned to the damp silence of darkened rooms, but that doesn’t have to be the case in London’s summer sun. In those sunlit months at Somerset House, you’ll be treated to an eclectic programme of films.

In association with Film4, these cinematic events are packed with everything from hyperactive blockbusters to quirky indie flicks. But the films are only half the story – as you watch your movies, you’ll get to watch the sun lilt away until, by the film’s end, you’re sitting underneath a blanket of stars.

Wonderful doesn’t even cover it.

Grab a pint in the sun

The place to be for oddball pubs, London has some of the finest places to grab a pint outdoors. For a start, go to The Mayflower, which offers a stunning view of the Thames and a delectable, although reasonably expensive, restaurant.

For an earthier taste of the city, give The Palm Tree a try. A real “east end boozer”, it’s the type of bar that plays host to young, hip students and older, fustier types, making it both trendy and arcane. Either way, it’s the perfect place to lounge when the sun peeks out over Blighty’s sky.

Find a farm in the city

The one thing that people love when the sun is shining and they’re in a massive city like London is to not be there.

What you want is the opportunity to soak up the countryside. London provides a hint of that pastoral wonder, being home to over a dozen inner-city farms. They’re perfect if you want your kids to pet goats, sheep, llamas and pretty much any other farmyard life.

It’s the type of activity that will brighten your day – after all, who doesn’t want to relax in the sun with a llama?