Sherpa Nilgiri Pants Review

As a keen hill walker, I know how important it is to have the right equipment and also the right clothing.  For a while I had been looking for a good quality pair of waterproof pants to wear when I take the dog out for walks either on my own or with my partner.  Recently I was introduced to the Nilgiri pants from the very reputable outdoor clothing specialists Sherpa.  I was intrigued by them and received a pair to review and that is what you are reading now.


I had been planning a trip to Marbury Park in Cheshire with Luna my cockapoo.  Marbury Park is an important part of the Mersey Forest and stretches from Marbury all the way to Northwich.  I figured this would be as good a time as any to give my Sherpa Nilgiri pants a try.  My first impression when I put them on was that they instantly felt very comfortable and warn.

I set off in my car to the park with a flask, my dog and some waterproof clothing including the Nilgiri pants, When we finally arrived at the park, I have to admit the sun was shining, but there was a light drizzle of rain almost as soon as we stepped out of the car, but because I had my Nilgiri pants on and other waterproofing I was protected from the damp.

The Sherpa Nilgiri pants take their name from a mountain range of three peaks in the Annpurna massif in Nepal and are designed to keep you comfortable, dry and warm regardless of what the weather is like.  The soft fleece lining on the inside is perfectly comfortable and the fact that there is 3 different layers of soft shell, made me feel sure I was going to manage my walk without having to come back to the car or home too early in the day.

Luna absolutely loved the park and I would go again with my girlfriend at the next chance we get.  The 3 layer laminate soft shell is apparently particularly water and wind proof as well as being breathable   I had taken some treats along for Luna and the zipped pockets were a bit of a lifesaver for carrying carrier bags for dog mess and the doggie treats.  I think I made use of one of the hand pockets and the thigh pocket.

At first I was not completely convinced the three quarter length was a good idea on a cold autumnal day, but I persisted and I am happy that I did.  Not only did I get out for a leg stretch and gave Luna a good bit of exercise, but I also probably order more pants for backup pairs.

I have already been recommending them to my friends and they are all interested and considering buying them.  I also happen to think the pants look good.  Along with the safety and weather wise aspects, I do think they are a particularly fetching pair of trousers.

So in conclusion, these trousers are one of the best pairs of weatherproof pants I’ve ever worn and if you are in the market for it, I would wholeheartedly recommend you give this particular pair the consideration they deserve.

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*These pants were sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review.