Sailing: The perfect holiday to put you at ease

According to Rat in Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows, “…there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” If you’ve ever taken a sailing holiday, the chances are that you’ll wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment; after all, what could be better than feeling the wind in your air, watching the world pass by, or spending good, quality family time together on a sailing boat? Few pastimes are quite as relaxing as sailing – if you’ve yet to discover that joy we suggest you consider it soon!

The advantages of a sailing holiday

There are a variety of advantages associated with taking a sailing trip, least of all the freedom it affords you. Exploring the world from the ocean is something else entirely, and you’ll no doubt discover a host of tiny, secluded coves, traditional coastal towns, beaches that will take your breath away, and wildlife that is normally left to its own devices. Whales, dolphins, rare sea birds, seals, and a variety of fish are just waiting to be noticed, and may be swimming much closer than you think. Sailing is one of the most exciting ways to experience a country that also offers up opportunities to experience a wide range of other activities. Swimming, scuba diving, bird watching, and fishing can all typically be enjoyed while you’re sailing the high seas, and there’s nothing quite like hopping inland to see what’s what. Of course, sailing is also ideal if you like the quieter things in life; reading, painting, writing, and sunbathing on deck are not to be missed if you’re searching for tranquillity out at sea.

When it comes to finding the perfect destination for your sailing holiday you’ll be somewhat spoiled for choice. From the UK’s own beautiful and rich coastline to the Mediterranean Sea, and the Greek Islands to the Caribbean, the Americas, and further north, there are very few places that aren’t a complete joy to discover by boat. Whether you want to stay close to home or take off on an oceanic adventure around the Pacific Islands, research is key. Think about the types of things you’d like to be doing on holiday, the experiences you’re most looking forward to, and the type of budget that you have access to. For the most peaceful holiday, particularly if you’re due to be sailing for the first time, think about not venturing too far. Nothing quite beats the UK’s miles of stunning coastline, and you’ll be at ease knowing that home’s just a short sail away.

You’re in good company

If you think that sailing holidays are just for boating buffs, think again; you’re certainly in good company when it comes to taking to the sea. Indeed, at any one time there are likely to be a whole host of celebrities, dignitaries, and notable figures at sea, and a quick glance at the news is likely to confirm this. The rich and famous, it seems, just can’t get enough of sailing. You see, heading out to sea is a fantastic way to escape it all, while also having the choice of beach at your disposal. Imagine spending your life in the public eye and you’ll begin to imagine just how relaxing setting sail must be. Businessmen, members of parliament, and royals find particular solace in the ocean. Lord Laidlaw, the Scottish entrepreneur and former member of the House of Lords, is well known for sailing whenever the mood takes him, and his yacht, the Lady Christine, can often be spotted heading towards destinations unknown. Of course, in order to fund his trips Lord Laidlaw auctions cars and adds to his business empire, but his escapades are certainly a great basis for your own sailing dreams.

There are few holidays as well suited to peace and tranquillity as a sailing. Imagine experiencing absolute freedom, being at one with the elements, and seeing more of the world than you’d ever dreamed possible. Whether you’re travelling alone, taking your family along for the ride, or looking for holiday fun with friends, it’s well worth exploring the fun to be had at sea.