The Rise in Popularity of Caravanning Holidays

The holiday period is approaching and what better way to enjoy the summer season than a caravan holiday. Holidays come in all shapes and sizes, and many people seem to favour staying in hotels. The great thing about a caravan holiday is that you can get back to nature without having to leave your life’s luxuries at home. The benefits of a caravan holiday are seemingly never ending.  Aside from having far better access to the great outdoors, you also have space to relax and unwind in complete serenity. Of course, the time spent with those that we love during our break is an added bonus.


 Caravanning allows holiday makers complete and utter freedom on their travels. Think of the most beautiful places in the UK and picture yourself there, with your accommodation ready to explore the unknown. With so many beautiful holiday destinations in the UK, right on your doorstep, its common sense that you would choose a caravan holiday for your summer jaunts this year. Unfortunately, holidays abroad are becoming more and more expensive with taxes, fuel duty and the price of summer holidays rising during the children’s school holidays. More and more people are choosing to stay in the UK due to the cost flights as well as the requirements when faced with choosing a holiday abroad.

 The chance to escape the rat-race and humdrum of our everyday lives comes with the complete freedom you get from a caravanning holiday. You simply pack up your belongings and the people you love, and aim for your destination of choice.  The great thing is, that regardless of your budget, you can choose a caravanning holiday that fits in with your lifestyle choices and individual needs.

 The rise in the popularity of holidays in caravans is overwhelming. Forget all your preconceived ideas and misconceptions of caravanning holidays; it seems that everyone is now into what is gloriously termed as ‘glamping’. Gone are the days of ramshackle caravans, now they are super sleek and incredibly glamorous (hence the term ‘glamping’) and completely accessible to people of all budgets. Take a look at for fabulous inspiration. What is more, in 2012 the government scrapped the idea of introducing a 20% levy on holiday homes and caravans, meaning that more people can enjoy the financial freedom of a caravanning holiday. Instead of a tax hike of 20 %, the government did a monumental U-turn on its plans and imposed only a 5 % VAT rate. Since then, the industry has started to grow at a rapid and thoroughly exciting rate, with a 14% increase on bookings on sites as well as rapid growth on the purchasing of caravans.

 Statistics aside for a moment, there is no better way to explore the great wilderness of the English countryside, relax in a picture perfect town or go wild at a quaint English seaside resort than by taking a caravanning holiday with all the family. Explore the great outdoors this year, by caravan, and make some wonderful memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.