Reasons Why You Should Visit Woolacombe Beach in Devon

If you are looking for a world beating standard beach to take a trip to this summer, but don’t want the hassle or financial strain of going abroad, you could consider visiting what has been voted the best beach in the UK.  Woolacombe in Devon, a well-known hotspot for water sport enthusiasts including surfers and families topped a recent Trip Advisor survey and has so much to offer you as a holiday destination.

Although it is not as picturesque as other beaches featured in the survey, Woolacombe still managed to rank at the top spot of British beaches, 4th in the European list and 14th in the world’s list.  The only beaches that ranked higher than Woolacombe were Elafonissi in Greece, Playa de Sesilletes on Formentera and Rabbit Beach in the Italian area known as Lampedusa.

Many experts and the millions that use and write reviews on Trip Advisor everyday all agree that Woolacombe has a particular charm that can’t be bested anywhere else in the country.  The beach itself is 3 miles of golden beaches that stretch between two bays along the coast of Devon.  As well as being well maintained and having a very high standard of cleanliness, the beach is also very safe and perfect for families and water sport enthusiasts such as surfers too.  As well as being suitable for whiling the hours away on a lazy summer’s day; there is also plenty of space to involve yourself in beach-based games such as sandcastle building, Frisbee catching, beach volleyball and beach cricket.

If you have young children and don’t want them to nag too much throughout the day, you can take them on adventures of exploration in the various rock pools dotted along the beach and dog  owners can take along their beloved pets too as there is a special area reserved for dogs where they can  roam free.

The standard of the facilities that accompany the beach are also top notch with immaculate toilets and showers and reasonable parking, cafes, little interesting shops and pubs.  Body boarders, surfers and other water sport fans are particularly fond of Woolacombe thanks to the Atlantic breaks that offered unparalleled access to interesting and challenging waves to conquer and master.

Other beaches offer up market and posh beach bars an all-night long partying, Woolacombe is a true step back in to a simpler, more blissful past.  It is really the little thing that means the most during a trip to Woolacombe with the sunsets visible there amongst the most colourful and expansive you will find up and down the country.

Woolacombe is perfect especially as a stopover on a trip between Lundy and Exmoor or vice versa and is a must for anyone touring the south west of England.

With superb family self-catering accommodation available at places like Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks right on the doorstep of Woolacombe Bay offering great value special offers all year round, it¹s easy to see why this spot on the North Devon coast is so popular and voted number 1 beach in the UK.