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The Gracewell Healthcare franchise offers premium healthcare and luxury facilities across its portfolio of retirement homes within the UK. Top of its class within a highly competitive market, Gracewell offers dementia care, stroke rehabilitation, general personal care and straightforward indulgent amenities from their homes in the following areas:



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From in-house cinemas and professional beauty salons, at the constant service of their residents, these homes also feature lavishly appointed personal suites, dining rooms and lounges – to name a few. Gracewell has recently placed a great deal more emphasis on their social media platforms in order to keep the family members of residents as well as potential residents in the loop on the many special events which take place across the homes. For more information about the special events you could follow the Director ofGracewell Healthcare Peter Curtis, either on his professional LinkedIn account or on his personal twitter account.  Alternatively review the care lines social network pages as specified below.

pic3You can view their tailored social media feeds here:

One of the strongest advantages to retirement in a Gracewell care home is the 24 hour medical care which is available. All carers are painstakingly selected and go through a rigorous interview process, to ensure that they’re not only sufficiently experienced but are also an excellent personality fit.


The Gracewell Philosophypic4

You’ve worked hard all your life, isn’t it only right that you retire to the kind of lifestyle that dedication deserves? The care home believes in combining exceptional architecture and interior designs with professional staff across all the disciplines that you might want on hand. This includes everything from catering and entertainment to medical care and regular pampering. Personalised and supportive, rather than invasive, care is what each retiree deserves. The CEO Peter Curtis recently made reference to the vision for the luxury line of care homes, which includes the development of between 25 – 35 homes by 2017, with the promise of the service standards to be kept at the same bar; ‘delivering the highest standard of care home services’.


Though a modern solution to quality care, Gracewell Healthcare is dedicated to maintaining the same friendly and warm environment you might have expected decades ago. Isn’t it about time?