Planning for a Cycle Holiday the Proper Way



As with any type of holiday it is essential that you plan, plan, plan! There are countless things to do when it comes to the full process of booking a holiday of any kind.

Some questions you might ask yourself are:

  • Do you have the right location?
  • Do you have the capability or pedal power for that route?
  • Do you have the right hotel?
  • Is the price right?
  • Do you have the right holiday company who will ensure everything goes smoothly?
  • Do you have your passports?
  • Do you have a travel itinerary?
  • Do you have excursions pre-booked?
  • Where will you eat?
  • And the list goes on….

So if these are just the regular holiday planning questions then you can guess the planning list quickly increases when you add cycling to the equation!

For most cycling can be daunting, especially for the novice.

We’ll take a look at some important decisions that should be considered when planning a cycle holiday.


Finding a Reputable Company

First and foremost it’s very important to find a company who can facilitate you on your cycling holiday. If you get stuck, injured or lost on your journey in a foreign country, then what will you do?

For most the initial reaction is panic; however, this does not need to be the case. If you find a company who has been servicing the route for years and who has the Pedal-Power to help in the most difficult situations, that has good experience, then they will understand the route and its nuance meaning that if you do find yourself in an undesirable situation you will have somebody ready to help you find your way and get out of difficulty.

When searching for a company to facilitate ask how long they have been working with this route; ask their procedure for emergencies; ask if they use tracking technology.

Cycle Hire

When you know where you want to go you must consider what bike you will use to take on the route. When travelling overseas it is not always recommended or practical to take your own bike with you. Usually you can find a good cycle hire company who will ensure you get a good bicycle that meets your requirement, which will be fit for purpose on your holiday.

Always try to make these plans before leaving for your trip. Make sure the cycle hire company has the right size, style and tires that you require. After all if you don’t have the right bike then your ride quality will not be ideal and your holiday will not be as good.

Baggage Transfers

So another big planning questions is how do you get your baggage from one location to the next? It will be common to go from one hotel to the next along a cycle route holiday rather from start to finish, but surely you don’t want to be weighed down by all your gear.

If you can hire somebody to make sure your bags go to all the required locations this will give you massive peace of mind and save you from cycling burdened with cumbersome baggage.

Be sure to plan exactly the different baggage drop off points and you’ll be fine.


You of course want to be able to get to the start of the route and after your journey want to be able to get home or back to the airport or hotel with little hassle and minimal delays.

Timing your transportation out will minimise frustration leading to an overall more enjoyable cycle holiday.