Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker Review

As I work from home, when the weather is really nice, I like to get out of my home office and into the garden.  I don’t mind playing music from my phone or laptop normally; however, I was really looking for something with a better output, because obviously laptop and phone speakers are not the loudest.  That is when I had read about the Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker, which I have reviewed below. 

The first thing that struck me about this particular speaker was how it looked.  I mean, it looks very different, which I like.  Actual features-wise it did not let me down either.  It has a very good battery life, which meant I could use it for hours at a time out in the garden without worrying about charging it or anything like that an it meant I could save some battery power on my laptop and mobile phone. 


Also as I was going to use it outside I chose this particular model because it is water resistant and dust-proof and great for the outdoors. Although I have yet to give it a proper try in either regard, in short showery spells it has held up quite well.  I don’t actually know that I would use it in a a proper storm, but then if there was  a storm I wouldn’t be working outside anyway!


As I work from home on the computer I was quite pleased to find that it has external controls. This is excellent as it means I do not have to fiddle back to the music player on my phone or laptop and can just change tracks, play and pause, adjust the volume and when using my mobile phone with the speaker, answer calls as it has an in-built microphone.

Although it looks a little bulky, it is actually surprisingly compact and comes with twin handle in its base to make it very easy to lift and the handles have a dual use as being great for hanging the speaker.

Some of my friends made comments about how it looked a bit strange, but after sitting and listening to it and becoming accustomed to the design, many of them have said they might buy one.  They also were impressed with the quality of the sound output, which is of course one of the most important things when it comes to a speaker.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a speaker that looks a bit different from the plethora of traditionally designed models on the market and want something that will allow you to listen to your favourite music, shows or whatever, you should consider purchasing the Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker.

This product was given to me to review by Outdoor Camping Direct.