Out of the norm

Have you ever wanted to try something completely different? Maybe mainstream sports such as football and rugby have never suited you or you’ve always wanted to try something to give you a real adrenalin rush? Getting into niche and less popular sports can be difficult as it often requires time and monetary sacrifices- meaning you have to be incredibly sure you want to do the activity. Deciding which activity you want to do and if you will enjoy it can be a bit tricky and there are a variety of activities and ways to do it.

Here are 3 examples of sports which you should consider trying and you can do through volunteering!


There are many types of mountaineering and hiking, from such things as a light hike, and extending through the range to opportunities in alpine mountaineering where you can be kitted out with crampons for your feet and walk through the snow. The great thing about this is it can allow you to use an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while you get fit and get in some good sightseeing too.

Rock Climbing

Another adventure sport and similar to Mountaineering is Rock Climbing. Volunteers in activity based organisations are often needed in this activity and it can be a great way to learn about safety and work with others. There obviously is also the matter that this sport is a great way to get fit, increase your stamina and can provide a real adrenalin rush that you don’t get in day to day sports.


For those who are not big fans of heights but have a love water sports or would like to try it, canoeing can be a great option. This title is deceptively simple and in fact it is far more diverse than you would initially assuming. Canoeing includes a wide range of activities, from the stereotypical, to group events and even extends to kayaking. Kayaking is by far the most extreme of these sports, and with Britain’s success in canoeing sports at the London Olympics this is a sport which is getting increasingly popular.

Many of the adventure based volunteering activities can also give you an opportunity to travel to places you’ve never been before,some volunteering programmes even offering a chance to go abroad to try these in new and distant settings. For example you may get a chance to visit the Rocky Mountains in America for an alpine mountaineering, rock climbing and snow sports adventure. You will have bags of stories to tell when you come back, having done a sport many of your friends and co-workers have never undertaken, in distant lands which many would never have the opportunity to go.

So if you want to try something off the beaten track and expand your horizons by taking part in new and exciting activities, go for it! Volunteering can be a way to achieve this, with many organisations offering volunteering opportunities for adults, such as the Army Cadet Force. With the opportunities volunteering organisations can provide to help you try new and exciting disciplines, you will be sure to find something new and exciting that you never even dreamed of doing.