North Face – Longer days

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The American outdoor products and accessories company, The North Face have unveiled their new advertising campaign entitled “Longer Days”.  If you were looking for inspiration and motivation to get out there and enjoy the summer, then this is the video for you.  Take a look at the video and you will see what I mean.  I also encourage you to click through to the following link where you can see the stunning shots and video as The North Face intended it to be seen at North Face to check out this inspirational video.

When you click on the link you are introduced with the words “Longer Days Are Back” and informed after scrolling that the total daylight time in Europe during summer is 12 hours and 45 minutes.  The background pictures set the tone and theme of the video perfectly with bright skies, green grass, hills, trees and a couple running over a hilltop.

The aim of the video is very clear, we have longer days in spring and summer and we should be making the most of them and we should never stop exploring.  There is exciting footage of people preparing and then taking part in a variety of exhilarating outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, hillwalking and running.  It really made me want to slide my running shoes on and get into the fresh air and get active exploring the countryside on my doorstep and also made me feel excited and glad that winter is finally behind us and that we have the bright and warm sunshine of Summer to enjoy.