Midweek Ski Break in the French Alps: Hotel or Chalet?

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An Alps trip is one of the most sought-after milestones that a lot of people dream of experiencing. The vast mountain range runs through several countries, with each area having so many things to offer for tourists and locals.

The French Alps is perhaps one of the most widely known destinations in the Alps mountain range. The location offers a wide range of sceneries and levels of terrain, and caters to just about any type of personality of tourists. “The French Alps are as grand as the towering, icy flanks of Mont Blanc and as tiny as a delicate spring wildflower, as awe-inspiring as the crag of the Aiguille du Midi and as sublime as a single snowflake,” according to Lonely Planet.


Aside from planning your activities in your French Alps holiday, one of the first items that you should address is accommodation. Where is the best place to stay in the French Alps? The answer to this question really depends on your preferences, some of which include the following:

  • Length of stay
  • Budget
  • Activities to do
  • Number of people with you
  • Level of privacy

Whether you’re planning for a short ski break or a longer stay, you need to know where you should check in. There are basically two kinds of accommodation that you can choose from: hotel and chalet. In this article, we will describe each of these two check-in locations and which one best fits your holiday plans.


This type of accommodation isn’t very common for people outside of Europe, but locals consider this as the standard place for tourists to check in. It’s essentially “a small house often in a group of similar houses where people go for vacations” or holidays, based on this online dictionary.

Chalets may come in many forms, from private homes to apartment-type buildings, but one thing common between them is the presence of staff that can assist guests in a varying range of responsibilities such as cleaning and cooking. Some of the chalets are owned and managed by students on school break or employees on annual leave, while some employ professionals in the customer relation industry.

The living arrangements in chalet compounds will lead you to share some common spaces with other check-in guests, especially in dining areas. Chalets provide a great way to meet new people, mostly those who enjoy skiing or cycling in the Alps.

Chalets are generally cheaper in price than most hotels in the area. However, these prices may skyrocket during winter or peak seasons in the Alps.


On a general tone, chalets are perfect for the following guests:

  • Families or groups of people who really know each other and enjoy each other’s company
  • People who enjoy mingling with other guests
  • People who are taking on a budget Alps break for the first time


For a more luxurious stay in the French Alps, hotels are highly recommended. This kind of accommodation has significantly better customer service, better maintained interiors and furniture, and easier access to favorite tourist spots in the area.

Another amazing benefit of hotels is that you can enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to social interaction. Feel free to visit the hotel’s amenities to enjoy the company of family, friends, and other guests who are checked in. Should you want to withdraw from social interactions and enjoy some solitude, you can simply head up to your room and take a rest.

In short, a hotel stay will treat you the way you want to be treated. These benefits are all given in hotel accommodations, but you will have to shell out more. If money isn’t an issue, staying in a hotel might be a more suitable choice for you.

Hotels are perfect for the following:

  • Families with babies and young kids
  • People who prefer the care of professional hoteliers and staff
  • People who can afford higher rates in exchange for better service and accommodation
  • People who want to come in and go out of socializing as they please

For a grander stay in the French Alps, you may want to consider five-star luxury hotels in popular ski resorts within the French Alps region. These places house famous celebrities on an Alps holiday, and staying here will mean two things: (1) it’s quite expensive, but (2) you’ll receive the best treatment and accommodation.

You may want to ask people who have gone to the French Alps for hotel recommendations. It’s also a good idea to search online for recommended French Alps hotels, and check travel websites such as TripAdvisor.

No matter where you decide to stay – whether in a hotel or a chalet – be confident and expectant that your holiday time in the Alps will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.