Mens Columbia Silver Ridge II Long Sleeve Shirt Review

As a keen hillwalker and hiker I am always on the lookout for clothes that are both functional and practical as well as being made from high quality materials to a high standard of workmanship.  I truly believe that while it is true you don’t have to spend a fortune for great clothes that enable you to enjoy your time in the great outdoors; you do have to be a little savvy and choose wisely.

Not all so-called outdoor wear is created equally and like anything in life there are good choices and bad choices you can make when looking for gear for your next hill walk.  I recently got a hold of the Mens Columbia Silver Ridge II Long Sleeve Shirt, which this post is all about.

The thing that attracted to me first of all was the fact that the Silver Ridge II long sleeve shirt from Cotswold Outdoor could be worn as a long sleeved shirt as it is out of the bag, or as a short sleeved shirt by rolling up the sleeves and buttoning them down.  The weather in my local area is often very changeable so even if it is an overcast and cold day in the morning when I start a walk, by lunchtime the temperature has often risen and that’s when a longer sleeved top can be a bit of an obstruction.


I could tell just from holding it that the shirt was well made and only decent quality materials had been used.  Although I had worn it on a few more local and shorter walks, the big test for the top was when I wore it on a trek up Mount Snowdon with my mates.

It past the test with flying colours because the vents helped to keep me cool, which stopped too much sweat building up and because it has a high UPF I really benefitted from the protection it gave me from the sun.  On the subject of the sun, it was shining down warmly on us that day and that gave me the opportunity to try out the shirt as a short sleeve top.

It was very easy, even with all the gear I had on, to roll up the sleeves and fasten them down with the buttons.  I was worried that the buttons would unfasten too easily when I was walking, but my worries were for nothing as the buttons stayed in place for the duration of my walk.

Even my mates were very impressed with the top and one in particular, who goes on a lot more hillwalking and trekking than I do, said he was going to invest in a couple so that he always has one ready to use.

If you are looking for an affordable, well made and very functional top for any form of outdoor activity from hillwalking and climbing to cycling and rambling, I would definitely recommend the Silver Ridge II long sleeved shirt from Cotswold Outdoor