Making The Most Of A Luxury Holiday In The Uk

The UK is a fascinating destination, of legends, fairytales, castles and glamorous cities soaked up in history. It is one of the most sought up destination, every traveler curious to unravel the mysteries of these great isles of Britain. Luxury travelers can make the most of UK holidays in various ways:


London is one of the most popular cities of the world and has always been synonymous with style, culture, history and innovation. Nowadays however, it sizzles with creative energy, exquisite restaurants, excellent museums, top-notch hotels and fashion forward boutiques. There is so much to do in London, that is both glamorous and evocative that will leave your heart deeply satisfied.

The Theater Musicals in West End is a vibrant entertaining area with bars, restaurants and theatres where you can catch up latest comedies, classic plays and even cabarets.  Enjoy shopping in London’s fashionistas heaven in Mayfair and Knightsbridge with abundance of malls, markets, fashion boutiques and shopping streets overflowing with almost everything from the latest designer collections to vintage and retro stores. Other ways to enjoy luxury in London include dining in a Michelin starred restaurants, afternoon tea at Harrods and staying in an exquisite luxury hotel. (See for more luxurious holiday ideas).


The daily use of commuter trains in the UK seem to water down the original purpose of trains, they were a means of transport to get around for the high class in society. When they first came out, trains just like planes were supposed to be a luxurious way to travel. To return to that era, you can experience travelling in a classic train across UK and enjoy extravagant meals and drinks as you pass through some of the most iconic regions in UK.


Get another side of the Great Britain by visiting its rural countryside. Discover the picturesque market towns, quaint villages perched neatly on rolling hills and interesting historical sites that adorn the English countryside. The best rural areas of the UK include the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and pretty villages of Cotswolds, the stunning beaches of Devon, the remote region of Northumberland and the dramatic coastline, sleepy villages and the vibe of Cornwall. You can opt to stay in luxurious accommodations in the English countryside, which include converted farmhouses, manor houses, charming cottages and secluded log houses.


Britain’s fascinating monarchic heritage is a magnet to most tourists to UK.  From London’s tremendous monarchal structures to Scotland’s magnificent castles and royal residences the UK grants its visitors unrivalled assortment of royal attractions. It is one thing to explore historic castles and it is another to stay in one. You step back in time to an era of knights in shining armor and fair maidens and experience what it must felt like to be a royal member of the community. The castles in the UK have long and interesting history some more than 900 years old.