Increase Your Pedal Power – Build an eBike!

Cycling is a great way of getting around, and also excellent exercise. It’s also a fantastic family pursuit, and you and the kids can enjoy safe and exciting cycling on one of the many dedicated cycle routes. You might also use your bike for commuting, in which case that morning ride through the traffic can be a bit of a drag. But what if we could show you a way of making life on your bike easier? How about we introduce you to the concept of eBikes, and show you how you can convert your existing bike into one with its own power?

Of course, powered bicycles are nothing new, but what we are talking about is a new concept. Brought to you by Panda eBikes, this is a revolutionary way in which you can buy all the bits you need to turn your existing bike – no matter what type it may be – into an eBike with battery power – perfect for getting up those awkward hills and giving your legs some much-needed rest. It’s a surprisingly affordable option, far cheaper than buying a bespoke powered bike, and you can choose from a variety of kits for different uses.

DIY Conversion Kit

The great thing about Panda eBike conversion kits is that they are very simple to set up. You can choose where you want your battery to go, for example – either on the frame or at the rear of the bike – and also choose from a range of different power options, from 250W to 1000W kits. The smaller battery is easily powerful enough for daily, standards use, while the more powerful kits will make your life a lot easier for very little outlay.

Panda also supplies a full range of off-road kits, as well as the road-legal versions that are intended for commuting and daily use. The off-road models are ideal if you like to take a ride somewhere different – and great for kids who might find it difficult in rough terrain – and are not expensive at all. Furthermore, with full fitting instructions and videos to follow, anyone can fit a Panda eBike kit to their existing frame, so have a look now and see what you think.

Make Cycling More Fun!

Whether you ride a bike purely for fun, for exercise or to get to and from work, you can be sure that an electric bike will make your life not only easier, but a lot more fun. These kits will transform your cycling routine without fail, and will certainly give you a break from the constant pedalling that you need to do to keep moving. If you check the website you will see that they are also surprisingly affordable, and they are designed to be easy to fit if you are handy with a spanner!