How To Spend 5 Days at One of UK’s Best Hiking Spots: SNOWDONIA


Picture-perfect landscapes, magnificent Welsh scenery, streams of ancient woodlands, rugged countryside and much more, Snowdonia is the most famous location in Wales. With thousands of visitors visiting every year, Snowdonia is one of the best places you can visit to get you completely enamored and absorbed by the rugged forces of nature.

Snowdonia is all about dramatic landscapes – from foggy valleys, to calming lakes, from wildlife to craggy peaks…Any time spent there will reveal to you a primal version of nature that you’ve never seen before.

With the diverse scenery and several attractions you can visit, there will be plenty for you to do there. From rock climbing, to rafting, to hiking to cycling – you’ll get to juxtapose the calmness of the scenery with the adventures you’ll be having! The best thing about Snowdonia is that you get a blend of everything together – from snow peaks with coasts, to lakes with forests….It’s all there for you to explore.

Spending five days in Snowdonia will open up hundreds of unexpected surprises, both below and above the surface. You have plenty to explore throughout the five days….Are you ready to embark on a journey to the mystic landscape of Snowdonia? In this article I will talk about how to plan a camping trip, some hidden gems and activities you should not miss.


Top Attractions

Mount Snowdon

This is Wale’s highest peak, the most famous attraction in all of Snowdonia and the most visited mountain in the UK. And for good reason! It’s a place embodied with legends and folklore, and one that offers the ultimate Snowdonia experience. You’ll be met with spectacular views of mountains, valleys, and lakes, and you’ll also be able to see the Peak District, the South Pennines and the Isle of Man and much more.

Make sure to check out Hafod Eryi.  This is where all visitors go to enjoy a quick drink. It’s a café and a visitor center and easily attracts half a million visitors per year.

To reach Mount Snowdon, you can either do that through an eight-hour hike (round-trip) where you’ll be able to take in all the surrounding scenery, or you can take the Snowdon Mountain Railway. We recommend the Snowdon Mountain Railway as you’ll be carried up to the summit and will be able to see panoramic vistas from above.

Caernarfon Castle

This castle goes back to the year 1283 when Edward 1 commemorated it. The massive structure does not disappoint when it comes to both, history lessons and a fun few hours of explorations. Walk around and explore the eccentric murder holes, check out the historical arrow slits, and much more.

This castle is actually, up until this day, the most important in Wales and carries a lot of historical significance.

Did you know? The murder holes were used as a method of fighting the attackers. Scolding liquid was thrown through them on the attackers.

The Glyders

If you’re looking for the best views, this is definitely where you should go. From the renowned Adam and Eve boulder, to the cantilever stone, to the incredible views, those mountains are some of the best in the UK.  Put your best hiking boots on and get ready to explore!

The Waterfalls

The waterfalls you’ll see at Snowdonia are unlike any other. The place boasts incredibly impressive waterfalls that will be hard to miss out on.

Check out Swallow Falls (the most popular of them all because they are the longest continuous waterfalls in all of Wales). Make sure you also check out Conwy Falls.

If you’re into strong, impressively powerful waterfalls that are surrounded by juxtaposing calm lush woodlands, then these are perfect for you. You can also venture off and check out the wildlife around them – from ducklings to salmon!

Port Meirion

This small village has a different vibe to it. It boasts more of a Mediterranean vibe than you’d expect in Snowdonia but it’s also one of the most popular attractions there. There’s plenty to do there, and it’s the perfect place to go to if you’re not in an adventure mood.

The Welsh State Museum and the Llechwedd Slate Caverns

Now it’s time to venture deep underground and get enamored by the rich history that makes Snowdonia so interesting. You’ll get to explore how slate miners used to live complete with a tour that teaches you all about how to extract slate.

You can also check out the Welsh State Museum right after and take part in the operational slate workshop.

Cadair Idris

Another beautiful peak in Snowdonia, Cadair Idris is one of those mountains that is surrounded by legends. Legend has it that whoever spends a night on the mountain will wake up either a poet or a madman, so are you willing to try your luck?


To take a break from all the rugged outdoors-y adventures, you can explore this picturesque village with its various tourist attractions. From the railway museum, to the motor museum to the churches and bridges – it’ll be a nice break from all of the nature.

Harlech Castle

This is another major tourist attraction in Snowdonia. Make sure to check out:

  • The Large gatehouse.
  • The corner towers.
  • The 13thcentury medieval architecture.
  • The views from the top of the castle.


Some Activities You Can Do

White water rafting

The gushing waters of Snowdonia are great for some good old white water rafting!

Taking the train

Try out the Snowdon Mountain Railway and enjoy the incredible mountainside scenery along with fields and forests.


With the amount of mountains and peaks at Snowdonia, there is no doubt that hiking is one of the most activities there.


You can even explore all around Snowdonia by cycling!


Where to Stay

Camping is the best way to vacation in Snowdonia. Here are some of the best campsites:

  • Gwern Gof Isaf Campsite – this has been named one of the 50 best campsites in the world. There is a huge camping field along with bunker houses. Open year round.
  • Bodnant Caravan Park – The best place for caravans, but not the cheapest for tent pitches.
  • Pen y bont – camping and caravan park that is also pet-friendly.
  • Llyn Gwynant Campsite – Close to most adventure activities. Swimming and walking trailsare also very close.

Packing list:

  • Hiking boots.
  • A lot of layers.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Mountaineering jacket.
  • Walking socks are very important!
  • Torches (waterproof if possible!)
  • Water bottle.
  • First aid kid.
  • A physical map.
  • Your phone.
  • Portable charger.
  • A lot of food.
  • A flask for hot drinks.
  • A compass.
  • Gloves and a hat.


Important tips:

  • The most important thing in this entire trip is your gear. Your hiking boots are the most important as they can make or break your trip. Jackets are also extremely important because it will be raining – sometimes for hours on end.
  • Make the plan of your route way ahead of time and make sure someone else knows it just in case.
  • Always have very vibrant clothe colors.
  • Always be alert – weather changes should always be monitored.
  • Learn about navigating and map-reading just in case.
  • Learn some first-aid basics.


Snowdonia is one of those places you have to visit at least once in a lifetime. With its rugged peaks, picturesque towns, and beautiful waterfalls, there will be plenty for you to do.