How to Organise a Cheap Stag Do

Planning a stag should not give you headaches. Instead it should make you happy. It is the most exciting phase of your life, as the last few days of freedom calls for a grand celebration. And you are definitely agreeing with that thought. Don’t let the talks of money ruin your mood. There are cheap options available. If you are finding excuses to run from your stag do, due to expenses, here are a few reasons to shun that thought immediately.

Maintain a Proper Guest List: Since it’s your private party and not a procession, not anyone and everyone should be invited. Make sure you have the list which consists of the people who are to be invited and whom you are going to take away from it. It actually gives you an estimate of the expense that is going to happen. Don’t you think it as a thoughtful decision? Also, if you know the exact number of attendees, you will arrange the food and drinks accordingly.

Set Your Budget Right: Nobody, including yourself, is expecting you to spend big bucks on your stag do. You are definitely saving the money for other important stuff. It doesn’t mean your stag should be anything low. But, if you have your budget in place, you can plan activities and other things properly. There are things like drinks and dining, the venue charge, hidden cost, etc. Make sure you consider all of these before finalising how much to spend.

Decide on a Destination: It’s your call if you wish to have a party abroad or in the UK. Every place has its own attractions and limitations. Some of the destination might fit perfectly in your budget, while others may go a bit over your wallet. Moreover, it also depends on the activities that you are choosing. Well, if your preference is any place in the UK, this might go a bit easy on your wallet. The drinking and food charges may also be less. If you are willing to spend lavishly, then abroad is definitely taking you to places.

Activities: There are some guys who don’t get satisfied until they do some adventurous activities, even during their stag do. While others prefer just partying with their close buddies. In which category do you fall? If you that sporty types, it is going to cost you a bit more. And if it is about boozing, dining and dancing then it becomes way too easy. It shouldn’t mean that you cannot plan activities, provided that you are fine to spend more. It won’t hurt that much if enjoyment is on your priority list.

It must be comforting for you to know that you too can have a blast without breaking the bank. There is always an option that gives you minimum worries and maximum enjoyment. And if it’s about enjoying last days of your bachelorhood, you would want to browse the Internet ( to get some cool options.