How to enjoy the British outdoors on your bike?

Cycling is becoming hugely popular in Britain, with more and more people taking to two wheels all the time. With motoring becoming more expensive and more families realizing and appreciating the value of the Great British outdoors, the cycle industry has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Many people simply choose to buy a bike from their local shop and head off to explore, but having the right equipment and safety gear is vital to keeping safe on your bike and increasing your enjoyment of cycling.

Bikes are pieces of mechanical equipment, and they need to be treated with care. Loose, flappy clothing can get caught in chains and spokes and cause serious injury, so ensuring you have the right clothing is vital to safe cycling. Trouser clips and the correct cycling shoes are very important, allowing you to cycle safe in the knowledge that you’re as safe as can be. Of course, protecting your head is also vital and wearing a helmet should be the number-one consideration when picking your cycling equipment. Don’t simply opt for fashion —keeping safe should always be your prime focus, as it doesn’t matter how good you look if you’re splattered across a road.

Wearing a cycling helmet is “a must” when cycling on country roads

Being visible to other motorists and cyclists is very important, especially when you’re cycling in low light, so ensuring you have the correct bike lights fitted to your ride will ensure that you can be seen at all times, minimising the chance of having an accident. It also means you’ll have improved visibility yourself, making your ride safer and more enjoyable. It even gives you the option of cycling at night, if you wish, allowing you to make extra progress. Reflectors are also highly important, allowing the lights of other cars and vehicles to reflect off of your bike, making you even more visible. If you do cycle at night or in times of low visibility, wearing reflective clothing is an absolute must.

Some people even like to record their journeys using a helmet camera or handlebar-mounted camera. These can also be useful in the case of an accident, giving crucial video evidence which insurance companies can use to assess a claim. Again, it’s all about safety and peace of mind for you, the cyclist. Knowing that you’re protected from all angles is vital to confident and safe cycling, which can make the whole pursuit so much more enjoyable for you.

If you’re looking to carry objects with you on your ride, a set of panniers and racks will enable you to carry loads whilst keeping safe, stopping your bike from overbalancing or for you to have to carry loads without them being safely secured. Similarly, even a simple bag or basket on the handlebars can give a fantastic retro look whilst allowing you to carry items with you whilst you cycle, safely and securely and in style at the same time.

Due to the very nature of cycling, safety must always be your number-one priority. That doesn’t have to be at the expense of style, of course, but it should always come before fashion. Cycling can be a very dangerous pursuit, but done properly and with the correct safety gear, you can be assured of many years of safe and risk-free cycling, allowing you to enjoy numerous family holidays and opportunities to explore the Great British countryside using possibly the best medium available —the pushbike.