How long before I need to reproof my Gore-Tex jacket?

Gore-Tex is a synthetic material, which is used to waterproof items of clothing, like jackets, coats and trousers. If you are a regular hiker, walker or cyclist, your clothing will have to combat extreme weather. Rain, wind, snow and ice are probably conditions that you have had to face whilst enjoying your hobby. After a while, they can damage your clothing, no matter how strong or resistant it seems. Even with expensive and branded clothing, this can happen, so you should definitely consider investing in a reproofing product, which will increase how long they last by years!

There are no definite guidelines to when you should do this, but there will be tell-tale signs that it’s time to do it. Unlike when the clothing was bought, it will now be letting bits of water soak through, as it no longer has the resistance. You may also see the water leaking through certain parts of the clothing, especially where the material is contact with other areas, like under your arms.

It is then that you will have to repair the damage and reproof the items of clothing. Gore-Tex is meant to be the best material on the market for having long lasting water resistance, so you shouldn’t have to go through the reproofing process too often. Try to treat all of your garments at once so that you can prevent any future problems with the waterproofing. It’s easier to get it out of the way rather than having to tackle clothing individually!

Washing your clothes, especially at high temperatures, can also cause clothing to lose its water resistance. It is recommended that you wash Gore-Tex clothing at 30 to 40 degrees but no higher. Try to use liquid detergents when washing these items as the powders can clog up the breathable material, and therefore, weaken the waterproofing. Make sure you read the instructions, which are inside your waterproof clothing to make sure that you are washing them in the recommended fashion. They may even say wash by hand so it is best to check!

There are plenty of products available to buy online or in your local outdoor shop for waterproofing clothing. You can buy them in a number of different forms, including sprays and liquids which you add to your washing machine. You can decide which type you need by looking at the item you’re treating and what state the waterproofing is in. The sprays are perfect for applications to certain areas whereas the rest of the item of clothing is in good condition. The liquids are perfect for an all over, even application. If the clothing hasn’t been reproofed before then the liquid is a perfect choice for ensuring that all of it is covered.

Grangers have provided a handy little blog on how to reproof your Gore-Tex jacket. It gives you lots of handy advice and tips, right from the experts. You can also look through their products, which are each accompanied with step-by-step guides as well as video tutorials.