Great Tips For Improving Your BBQ Skills While Camping

Camping and barbecues go hand in hand, especially in the UK during the summer months when the weather is a lot more pleasant.  Which is why My Voucher Codes, a British based discount and voucher code website have put together a short series of videos, all about barbecues and how to master them.  To accompany the short clips, we have put together our own guide to some great tips for becoming a master of the humble barbecue.

Prepare To Fail If You Fail To Prepare

If you want to raise your BBQ game and do better than just a few burnt burgers and sausages, you need to give it the attention it deserves.  You want to be able to eat sensibly and filling meals, despite being away from the comforts of your own home.  Always prepare before you start cooking by making a workstation for yourself, if you do not have one and gathering all the things you will need from the meats to marinades to even the salad and other extras you are going to serve with your BBQ meat.

Clean Up Before You Even Leave

If the barbecue you are taking with you is one that has been used many times in the past, you should give it a good thorough clean before you leave to go camping.  If you don’t, it could cause food to stick to the BBQ which will cause numerous problems during cooking.  A wire brush is probably the best tool you could use to remove stuck on hard to shit crust.

Invest In A Pair Of Tongs

Although this may seem far too obvious for there to be any need to highlight it, we all know what it’s like when you can’t find a suitable utensil and you start poking your meat with a knife or a fork.  What happens next?  The flavoursome juices escape from the meat and further to that, it will give you even more mess to clean up.  So be sure to purchase a decent pair of tongs before your trip and your next BBQ.

Practice And Practice Lighting The Coals The Correct Way

Have you ever spent what felt like a lifetime trying to heat coals in the past?  If  yes, you weren’t following the correct procedure.  You need to invest in a chimney starter and add some rolled up paper to your coals, light the paper (not the coals) and then give it some time, as the My Voucher Codes videos explain, and they will be ready to cook your meals over and on.

Allow It Time TO Heat Up Properly

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cooking on a barbecue, and it’s one you yourself have made as well, is not waiting long enough for the coals to properly heat up.  How do you know when the coals are warm enough to cook things at an optimum level?  Hold your hands just above them, if you feel the need to move them soon after because of the heat – they are ready.