Great Days Out Across the UK

Here in the UK, we have a surprising variety of fun places to go practically on our doorstep, pretty much no matter where in the country you happen to live. We are truly blessed in that regard.

However, it can actually get pretty tricky trying to break it all down – there are so many different destinations that it can be tough to choose from all of them! So that’s where we come into things; we’ve knocked together this little list to give you some fab inspiration.

Read on for ideas of fantastic UK days out!

The Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk

How amazing does this place sound? Thankfully, it lives up to every last bit of hype that its name conjures up. Well, except that there aren’t any real, live dinosaurs, but we think we can forgive them that – we learned our lessons from Jurassic Park!

You’ll find the wooded trail down in Norfolk. As you travel along it you will see the leviathan Brontosaurus, the imposing Tyrannosaurus rex and all those other near-legendary beasts. They’re all at life size, and the sound systems make them seem like they’re really there! The Dinosaur Adventure Park is a lot of fun.

Alton Towers in Staffordshire

Although it seems unlikely that you don’t know of Alton Towers, we thought we’d still include it because it’s just so darned fun! Right in the heart of the county, Staffordshire’s most exciting attraction is well worth the entrance fee.

Our favourite ride? That’s a simple question – it just has to be Oblivion! This rollercoaster has an incredible drop of over 180 feet in height; make sure you take a deep breath before the plummet!

Bodelwyddan Castle in Denbighshire

Set in the middle of 260 glorious acres of beautiful parkland, this stately home is steeped in history, dating back to the middle of the 19th Century and having been used as a practice ground for troops during the First World War.

With links to the National Portrait Gallery, there’s a lot of fantastic art on display, as well as a pretty impressive museum. There’s even a garden maze to be explored! There are a number of other attractions nearby too; take a look at Denbighshire Digital Adventures for some more ideas.

The Black Country Living Museum in the West Midlands

We’re not entirely sure we needed to mention the fact that this museum is in the West Midlands – the “Black Country” part of its name kind of gives the game away somewhat! However, the museum itself is a lot of fun.

26 acres of open air history await you, with buildings having been transported from all over the area to recreate the past. There are more than forty different buildings from a variety of eras – a fish and chip shop from the ‘30s, a cinema from the ‘20s and even a drift mine from the 1850s!