Get your kids active this summer

Let’s face it, it can be tricky to get youngsters active these days. There are so many computer games available to children and there is also the internet to keep them entertained. Traditional outdoor activities have taken a backseat to these sedentary pastimes.

However, with weather conditions improving, this may be the perfect time of year to encourage your kids to get some fresh air and exercise. Bear in mind that physical activity helps children to grow strong bones and muscles, and to maintain a healthy weight. If you’re lacking inspiration, take a look at these simple ways to get your brood burning calories.

Hit the beach

If you live near to a beach, take your children along. There are plenty of activities for kids to get stuck into on the sand and in the water. They can swim, play games and even just run around. If the seaside is too far for a day trip, why not take a summer holiday to the coast? This also offers a great chance to bond with your family.

Explore the countryside

The UK boasts some fantastic countryside. By visiting the National Parks website, you can get the lowdown on all this year’s summer events and on the children’s activities taking place across Britain’s most beautiful spaces.

While in the great outdoors, you can enjoy everything from gentle woodland walks to mountain climbing and horse riding.

Fly a kite

Another fun activity for kids is kite flying. If you’re feeling creative, you can help your youngsters to make these items. If not, you can simply pick them up in the shops. On a windy day, just head off to your nearest suitable open space.

If you want to take this a step further, check out the Kite Society of Great Britain’s website. It lists a number of groups that meet for special days. During these sessions, experienced members are on hand to offer help and advice.


A great way to get children into the routine of regular exercise is to enrol them in sports clubs. You might be surprised by the range of clubs available in your local area, so it’s well worth doing some research. If you want your kids to stick at these activities, make sure you choose sports they really enjoy. If your youngsters aren’t sure what they like, get them to try out a number of different clubs.

Once they’ve settled on a particular sport, you can pick up suitable clothing and gear for them from sites such as Le Sports.

Set aside some time at the weekends

Modern life can be hectic and you might often find there are not enough hours in the day to get through all of your tasks. However, if you want to encourage your children to exercise, it’s helpful if you can set aside a little time each weekend to get active.

Even freeing up a hour or two to play Frisbee or football in the park, have a game of badminton or test your skills indoor rock climbing can make a difference.

These are just some of the ways in which you can encourage your children to exercise, but they should provide you with plenty of inspiration over the summer months.